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  1. What is X2Y2 Fi?

X2Y2 Fi is a top-level module within the X2Y2 ecosystem specifically designed to offer specialized financialization services for NFTs and will operate under the subdomain fi.x2y2.io. As we move forward, all NFT Loans activities, including lending, borrowing, and refinancing, will take place under the X2Y2 Fi subdomain.

2. Why Should I Choose X2Y2 Fi?

X2Y2 Fi provides quick, efficient, and low-cost borrowing/lending services to maximize the liquidity of your NFTs. Specifically, our peer-to-peer model allows rare NFTs to take out a larger loan. Another feature loved by our users is NFT Refinancing which allows borrowers to potentially refinance their loan at a better rate and set repayment at a later date.

3. Is X2Y2 Fi safe to use?

X2Y2 Fi is a peer-to-peer platform that connects NFT holders and liquidity providers directly through its smart contract infrastructure. Since its launch in September 2022, X2Y2 Fihas processed over 11,000 loans without any incidents of borrower asset theft. The X2Y2 V1,V2,V3 smart contract system has undergone rigorous auditing.

All security audit reports can be viewed here: https://x2y2.readme.io/reference/contracts_audit

4. Which NFT Collections can be Used as Collateral?

Only NFT collections in the whitelist can be used as collateral. Additionally, these NFTs cannot be suspected as stolen or deleted, and must have received a valid loan offer (i.e. a lender willing to lend you wETH).

5. How does X2Y2 Fi exclude suspicious NFTs from OpenSea or other marketplaces? X2Y2 Fi has two methods to rule out suspicious NFTs.

X2Y2 Loan has two methods for ruling out suspicious NFTs. The first method is static interception, which involves checking for blacklist projects in a local database when a borrower sends a loan request. Any unusual events, such as the theft of NFTs owned by celebrities or influencers, will be immediately added to the local database to intercept blacklist projects. X2Y2 Fi regularly updates the local database by querying the marked projects, excluding abnormal ones, and removing them from the blacklist.

The second method is dynamic interception, which involves conducting a real-time online suspect query on Opensea after no abnormalities are found in the local database. This ensures that users do not lend or borrow suspicious NFTs and avoids the risk of irretrievable assets.

6. Is There an Official X2Y2 Fi SDK/API Available?

Yes, we have complete SDK that allows developers to easily access our fully-featured API. You can find the corresponding API at https://x2y2.readme.io/reference/loan-api-introduction

If you have any questions or want to discuss other X2Y2 loan-related topics, you can join the our Discord channel.

7. What is ‘NFT Protection’?

‘NFT Protection’ is a unique feature created to safeguard borrowers’ NFTs against loss caused by forgetfulness or other reasons hindering timely loan repayment.

Please refer to: NFT Protection: Your Comprehensive Guide to FAQ

8. What is X2Fi ‘ERC-20 Loans’?

On the X2Fi platform, users are allowed to borrow their holdings of popular ERC-20 tokens (such as $SHIB, $PEPE, etc.) in exchange for USDC.

9. How does X2Fi ‘ERC-20 Loans’ work?

Users package their tokens into an NFT and use the corresponding ERC-721 NFT as collateral to borrow USDC on the X2Y2.Fi platform. The NFT can be withdrawn (burn) at anytime to be redeemed for its corresponding token amount. When minting, the system automatically presets the number NFTs that could be minted based on the quantity of tokens in the wallet. Each NFT is a bundle of tokens with different quantities. Users can easily mint multiple NFTs with a single click or adjust the quantity according to their preference.

For more details:Mastering ERC-20 Loans Operations on X2Y2.Fi : A Comprehensive Guide

10. What is Batch Borrow?

X2Fi Batch is a new way for borrowers and lenders to facilitate peer-to-peer NFT loans. X2Fi Batch allows borrowers to collateralize multiple different NFTs simultaneously and facilitates cross-series and cross-currency loans quickly and efficiently.

11. What is a Listing Offer?

Borrower creates a listing offer that allows Lenders to make a deal directly.

For more details:MATCH Feature Tutorial

12. Where Can I Find More Information about X2Y2 Fi ?

Website: https://fi.x2y2.io/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/the_x2y2


Docs: https://medium.com/@X2Y2Fi

As Borrower

  1. As a Borrower, Can I only Borrow Based on Existing Offers? What if I have NFTs with Special/Rare Attributes?

You can set your requirement through ‘set terms’ based on your desired loan amount repayment date, and APR. Potential lender will then issue an offer based on your terms to provide you with the optimal loan.

Borrow ETH with Your NFTs

2. Is NFT Refinance?

By using the “Refinance” function, users can choose a new loan offer on X2Y2 Fi to take out a new loan to pay off the current loan. It’s potential benefits includes allowing borrowers to lower interest rates, or set a new repayment date at a later time. If the loan value of the new offer is higher than the loan value of your current loan, the borrower will receive the difference (ETH) by refinancing.

There will be a service fee of 0.2% based on the principal which will be incurred to the borrower.

The Refinancing Process

3. Will there be Reminders for Loan Repayment?

If you are afraid of forgetting to repay your loan, we recommend that you link your Email, Twitter Account, and Google Calender with X2Y2 Fi. We will send an email to remind you 24 hours prior to the due date to reduce the risk of loan default.

4. If I Encounter Any Problems Paying Back my Loans on io, is there Any Other Way?

Yes, you can repay directly via the NFT loan smart contract, see details below :https://medium.com/@X2Y2Fi/how-to-repay-nft-loan-via-smart-contract-b0654b46f626

5. Will Collateralized NFT be Eligible for Airdrops?

Yes, borrowers will be eligible for airdrops for all collateralized NFTs. When the NFT is in the collateral pool, X2Y2 Fi will collect the airdrop and distribute it to the borrower. Additionally, borrowers can claim NFT rewards on other protocols while keeping the NFT in a collateral pool with the Flashloan functionality.

6. Is there a minimum threshold for minting X2Fi ‘ERC-20 Loans’?

The minimum minting quantity varies for each token based on its value. For example, the minimum mint quantity for SHIB is 100,000,000 tokens, while for PEPE it is 1,000,000,000 tokens to mint a single NFT.

7. How can I retrieve the tokens after they become an NFT?

You can withdraw the tokens immediately after repayment. NFTs that have been minted but not used for loans can also be withdrawn.

8. Are there any fees associated with X2Fi ‘ERC-20 Loans’?

There are no fees for borrowing against X2Fi ‘ERC-20 Loans’. However, a 1% fee is charged by the platform when users withdraw their tokens.

9. Can I combine (batch) multiple NFTs together for a loan?

Yes, You can do this with X2Fi Batching. X2Fi Batch allows borrowers to collateralize multiple NFTs quicker and more efficiently. You can batch merge up to 10 NFTs together. If you want to know more about X2Fi Batch, read this.

10. What should I do if I cant repay or refinance?

If you encounter problems with repayment or refinance on X2Fi, you can choose to repay via Borrower Ticket on X2Y2 > My Items. The specific steps is as follows https://medium.com/@X2Y2Fi

As Lender

  1. Does X2Y2 Fi Charge a Fee?

The lender’s service fee is 10% of the interest earned by the lender on successful loans. In the case of a loan default, there will be no service charge.

There are no fees charged to borrowers on X2Y2 Fi.

2. What is a Loan Offer?

A loan offer allows lender to show that they are willing to lend wETH based on the value of an NFT. There are two types Loan offers:

  • Pinpoint Offers: NFT offers that apply only to a single item. Only the owner of the NFT can accept the offer.
  • Collection Offers: Collection offers applies to all NFTs in the collection. Any holder of the NFT in the collection can accept the collection offer. NFTs marked as suspicious will not be able to accept collection offers.

3. Where do i Place Pinpoint Offers now?

You can make an offer through x2y2.com for a single NFT on the NFT detail page, it will redirect you to Fi.X2Y2 make the Pinpoint Offer.

4. How do I Issue Loan Effectively on X2Y2 Fi ?

You can extend a personalized loan offer based on the terms set by borrowers by going to Loan > and Selecting ‘Terms’ on X2Y2 Loan. You can also make collection offers for a particular NFT collection or make a loan offer for a specific NFT with rare traits.

Lend ETH and Earn Interest

5. As a lender, how can I make an offer for ‘ERC-20 Loans’?

Go to the Lend, find the NFT you want to make an offer on, and click on ‘make collection offer’, For specific instructions, refer to the User Guide in the Lender section.

For more details:Mastering ERC-20 Loans Operations on X2Y2.Fi : A Comprehensive Guide

6. What happens if a user defaults on the loan?

If a borrower defaults on the loan, you can ‘claim’ your NFT,which can be freely traded or withdrawn as tokens.



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