How To Make White Sauce Pasta

Pasta is the world’s favorite food. A survey taken in 17 countries confirmed that pasta is what people like to eat most. Not only is pasta the number one food in its home country Italy, but is also enjoyed in faraway places like the Philippines, Mexico and South Africa.

Pasta has become popular because it’s easy to prepare. The ingredient you need for making pasta is: noodles, onion, garlic, cream, pepper, mushrooms and chicken. So just boiled noodles or other forms of pasta, cute the onion and the mushrooms with olive oil and add them in the heat over low-to-medium heat until the onion become brown.

Then, add garlic, cream, and pepper. Add your minced garlic and heavy cream to the saucepan and stir until well mixed. Add pepper (to taste) and heat to a low simmer. Then, add the chicken to cook in the low heat.

And after 5 minutes your sauce is ready to go with it and you can add the pasta to it.

Many different types of meals can be created with pasta. It tastes good and fills your stomach so tasty. Pasta is good for you, pasta helps keep you full pasta does not make you fat pasta is tasty and brings people together. It really has a magic touch to me!

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