UAE Housemaid Left Her Home to Work

by Afnan Al Katheeri

Baila Katoon was fully responsible for her family, and she had leave them without a mother to make money.

Baila katoon, Source: Afnan Al Katheeri

Baila Katoon is from Bangladesh and is 47 years old. She is a woman who gives everything she has just for her children, to keep them safe and live the life she wasn’t able to live when she was child.

When talking about why she became a maid she said:

“Actually I want to be a housemaid because I had many difficult life in Bangladesh. And my husband, one day, he find a work and the second he don’t, so I need to give my children the life they deserve as much as your father, Afnan, want to give to the best things in this life. I will do the same for my kids, and you will understand what I mean when you will be a mother and you don’t have enough money to live this life with your family.”

When she was a kid she thought she would be a good teacher for mathematics and now look where the life took her.

Nurses in Bangladesh,Source: IDEAS

Baila didn’t complete her high education. “I didn’t finish my higher education I only finished the high school degree in the government school and if I want to complete the bachelor degree I need to pay for the university and my dad didn’t have enough money because it was very expensive,” she said.

However, as she mentioned in the interview that her weakness is her family because every thing she did is for them and if something just happened to them it will hurt her and she will do any things to keep them safe and happy.

“Actually I work with a good family that always come in front of me with a beautiful smile, But we are all faced challenges in every time of our life. Many people feel hard to accepting and dealing with these challenges that across them. But the truth is that you will have to deal with it, and sometime you feel that you want to run away from problems and this is make it worst. The most thing that I learn is don’t blame the others and try to fix it by your own.” Baila mentioned that we all faced challenges and its lesson for us in future.

“In being a housemaid you will forest many difficulties such as, bad mood of the family, children bad attitude and many work to do when the house is big.”

I was really shocked when I know how her family was treat her, I just said to myself is this exist, a mother or father misbehave their children.

“Actually in this life my mum and dad is inspiration me because they were very irresponsibly with us and they don’t care what we want and we need so I promise my self that I will not being like them and I will be care full with my kids and husband.“

Baila was very thanks full for the chance she got to came her in UAE really its make a big different to her life, she said. “that Its really change my life 100%, because I had an debt for paying a house for my family and I needed to got the money to completed this debt and I’m almost done and I will go back to my country.”

Baila Katoon, Source: Afnan Al Katheeri

Finally, she was very proud of her self and she said. ” I’m proud of myself because I bring for my family a good life and what they should deserve. Also, being a mother is really changed my life and how I think. All I think about is your kids and how to keep them safe.”

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