Chimaera Exhibits at Crypto Investor Show

Mar 13, 2018 · 2 min read

The Chimaera team exhibited at the Crypto Investor Show at the Queen Elizabeth II Centre in Westminster, London this past weekend and it was a huge success! Our team was flooded with fantastic questions by event-goers, and our team was beyond excited to chat with fellow crypto enthusiasts about our latest project updates.

CEO and founder of Chimaera, Andrew Colosimo, along with Prof. Nick Colosimo and Ayalies Schoonhoven kept busy explaining the blockchain gaming platform to attendees

CIS is the largest crypto and blockchain event for investors in the United Kingdom. It attracts a wide range of people from industry veteran and angel capital investors, to crypto beginners and the crypto-curious looking to find out what all the buzz is about. The hall was packed, and it was clear that more people showed up for CIS than there were tickets.

Andrew, Nick and Ayalies explained to exhibition attendees about the problems that Chimaera solves, and the new gaming genres and markets that it enables. Our booth was incredibly busy, and people often waited for several minutes to get a chance to talk to one of the team members. We received a lot of very good questions. Attendees found Human Mining and DRs (decentralised realities) of particular interest, with their next questions most often either where they could purchase CHI or when they could get access to the SDK/API and developer tools.

Andrew Colosimo, Ayalies Schoonhoven and Nick Colosimo (left to right)

When asked, “what is Chimaera,” Andrew Colosimo explained, “At a very high level, Chimaera is a blockchain gaming platform that provides the tools game developers need to host entire game worlds on the blockchain. These games can range from simple turn based card games to entire VR worlds that we call Decentralised Realities. It facilitates new gaming genres and never-before-seen gaming economies where real wealth creation enables play-to-earn gaming models.”

He continued, “At the heart of Chimaera is the blockchain. What we’re doing simply isn’t possible without it. For us, blockchain technology isn’t some novel way to launch a project; extending blockchain possibilities is the project. Our past creations and innovations in blockchain technology include methods to eliminate fraud entirely, called Atomic Trading, and a method to reach near infinite scalability for games and MMOs, which we call Game Channels.”

We are excited about the token sale starting on March 23rd and will be joining other industry events and exhibitions in the coming weeks.


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