Immortality on the Blockchain — Get Your Name Now

Aug 11, 2018 · 2 min read
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We’ve all been there. When you went to get your favourite username on Reddit, it was gone. Same on Twitter. That kick butt URL for Facebook or YouTube? Gone.

And as such, you were relegated to Alice198593 or Bob596741.

It sucked.

But now is your opportunity to get that fantastic handle on the XAYA blockchain for use with any game on our platform. While a few thousand have been taken, chances are you can get whatever you want right now. Wasted Gunner? Well, that probably won’t be available after a few people read this, but just maybe you can get it if you act fast!

Blockchain Live — Names Ready for You!

All you need is a tiny amount of CHI, about 0.01 CHI (~$0.0015 USD), less than a penny, to reserve and immortalise your name.

You can even check to see if your name is available without downloading and installing a XAYA wallet. Check out this site built by XAYA community members DarkClaw and casp0or here:

Scroll down, look for “Search for Name”, and see if yours is available. If so, you can install a XAYA wallet, get some CHI, and then get your name before it’s gone.

How to Get Your Name

It’s easy to get your name(s) in 3 basic steps:

  1. Download and install the wallet then create an address.
  2. Get some CHI (see below).
  3. Reserve your names.

Remember that when you reserve your name it’s case sensitive, so you may want to get:

  • alice
  • Alice

It’s entirely up to you.

How to Get Some CHI

As of this writing, almost all CHI in circulation is from mining. The main sale starts on August 29th, and the main CHI distribution will be after the main sale concludes in October.

You can certainly purchase CHI in the main sale, but if you want some quicker, your best options are to:

  • Mine CHI as a regular miner. See our mining forum to get started.
  • Ask for some CHI in our forums here. Sending is done “as time permits”, so it’s not instantaneous.
  • Hang around our forums, Telegram channel, and keep your eyes peeled.

Also, a fantastic and fun way to get some CHI is through our partnership for Refereum’s Growth Engine! Just visit our homepage, register in the Growth Engine widget on the left, and get started earning CHI. It’s easy, fast, and fun!

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