Silence From #TheResistance As Senate Votes To Maintain Trump’s War Powers
Caitlin Johnstone

16 YEARS of AUMF (Authorization for Use of Military Force) 
fake d, fake r, fake d, fake r. SSDD. the US is a Rogue nation at this point, provoking, antagonizing, disrupting, the WORLD.

go home USA, your drunk

#HostLife — The people (producers) have been turned into “hosts” (food source — rent payers) for the 1% inbred parasites (leeches — rent collectors) through the re-establishment of the “West Virginia Coal Mine Experience”™ (circa 1900) by debt expansion and wage suppression: we work in the company “mines” (cube farms, whatever), live in the company housing (mortgage), shop in the company store (credit card debt). Cradle to grave slavery to the “Nanny” Corporation.

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