#RealProgressives Editorial
Steven D Grumbine


Caution bro. good piece, except for the telling others what to do. good luck with that. people like me are defiant.

isn’t the core value of a berner — defiance? rebellion against status quo? I think it is.

to be clear, I get your point. I've been making that same case forever, not just this election cycle. people, names, celebrity are meaningless, trivial. its the persistence of “old money” family dynasties, and a purposefully designed failed system that actually enslaves us. just as a hil-lary admin would only be a continuation of reagan>bush1>clinton>bush2>obama. mere puppets of a larger, more sinister cabal. generational, unseen, corrupt.

we have had many POTUS tell us, from that position, nothing is as it seems. in many aspects, this is the Matrix. everything is an illusion

always guard against imagining any voice, especially my own, has any actual meaning or power. the moment I imagine “I’m somebody!!1!” with sway and power.. is the moment, the house of cards is revealed.

I agree drumpf always theater. WWE Hall Of Famer that he is. DISTRACTION.

Ordo Ab Chao. 33rd Degree Masonic Motto. for a reason. Hegelian Dialectic.

sorry for all the meme’s, but I've spent sometime analyzing the psychology at play here. 2 second sound bite attention spans seem best served with micro chunks of info. and no mind is changed with a single blog post, or meme. no. what can cause change over the long time line is repetitive messaging, and slow, gradual, acceptance by 1’s or 2’s, which leads to “Social Conformity”. as more and more join in, that offers permission to the outliers and lurkers, to join in.

beyond all that, I actively practice letting go of any attachment to outcomes, expectations. desire and ignorance the source of suffering. I let go, and I practice compassion to overcome my ignorance. as a result, no matter what happens, I get to be free in my skin, in my head.


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