Conspiracy is more accurately identified as Corruption

In the wake of several weeks worth of obstruction, indifference, malfeasance in the U.S. primary elections, I hope any intelligent person has at least pondered, is this really just incompetence? Or are we actually witnessing the conspiracy theories happening.

Probably both. But, first, I want to drive a stake into the heart of that old CIA term “conspiracy theory". The SYSTEM has been so successful at cultivating Pavlovian response to that term, that the majority, hearing it, retire intellectually behind closed minded walls. While most auto respond with giggles or blank stare at conspiracy, we all can agree, CORRUPTION is rampant. Conspiracy is simple corruption, and it saturates modern life.

Have the election results over the last few weeks been the result of basic human incompetence? Many prefer that understanding, it’s easy to digest. We can all identify moments of personal incompetence, therefore, the “unusual" discrepancies with exit poll data and actual results, must simply be human error at any one of the data points.

But when I stop for a moment, and see the larger picture: media’s gross neglect of the Sanders campaign, then if they must mention, it’s always overly disparaging, the Rallies with massive attendance, the record breaking private small donations, the “accidental" purging of rolls mysteriously only affecting Sanders supporters. There are more likely additional elements I’m missing here, but you get the picture.

When so many elements seem to converge and support a theme of denying Sanders campaign, how can I believe that it’s ALL simply incompetence?

This election cycle is one for the books. Participation, donation and funding, rallies, suppression and overt propaganda by the state.

I hope folks will step back and acknowledge the elephant in the living room.