NOW (what)

so after a year long battle, politics, (poly-tics) only to be reminded how deeply corrupt and fraudulent our system actually is, I am reminded. What is important?


That’s all there is anyway. no yesterdays, no tomorrows, both only ideas. No. there truly is, only NOW.

Life and its attendant joys and pains, successes and failures, all fleeting at best, well, they come and they go. assigning disproportionate value on ideas, while fun, lead to attachment. attachment leads to pain and suffering. no thanks!

detachment with love. release of expectations. practiced with as much compassion, a respect for another’s context, as I can muster.. that supports my joy. peace of mind. no invisible men in the sky required.

I #DemExit ‘d. I withdrew from the bogus Illusion of Participation. I will no longer lend my personal hard fought integrity to poly-tics.

today , I will create value for myself and my immediates, by practicing being in the now.

that’s what

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