Rock the Vote Responds to Executive Order Establishing Voting Commission
Rock the Vote

thank you. I completely agree, the “voter fraud” is an agenda driven, deception.

sadly though, “election fraud” is real, as revealed by leaked memos and emails. concerted efforts by both rnc and dnc, to purge rolls, frequent “oops” as we saw in NYC, Brooklyn specifically, with 200,000 bernie supporters mysteriously unable to participate. or Arizona’s mysterious closing of polling stations, the push of absentee ballots in CA (effectively a non vote). the list is pretty malicious from the ’16 cycle. ignoring those dnc issues, while fighting rnc issues, makes a mockery of Rock the Vote. Normalcy Bias must be investigated and decimated.

a caution: please do not trivialize your important work, and monumental efforts to date, by clouding your message in partisan blinders. doing so, trivializes Rock the Vote.

thank you for your work, on behalf of this nation, and our people.

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