My story on ROBLOX

Ah… 2014! Back in the old days. Even so, I barely have any memories of ROBLOX back then. Everything now is about what’s new. I want to tell you my story. I lose my oldest account in this story but things always look good in the end! (I got it back on 2/16/2016!)

I was getting annoyed on how everyone I knew had played ROBLOX, so I made an account called blockoyer1234. At first people thought I was horrible at ROBLOX, and so I felt quite lonely. Then time had passed, and I saved my ROBLOX money (tix). spent it all on items to maybe have some chance at getting better at ROBLOX. And so I played happily. Even so, bad times can come. I had one of those bad times. Summer had hit, and I had just gotten BC for my first time. It had only been 3 days since I had gotten BC. At the time, I was greedy for ROBUX and I looked at many scams. One such scam had stolen my account, I do not remember who stole it. At the time, my brother was also playing ROBLOX on ratchetandclankguy. I asked him to let me have it and he agreed. He created a new account known as ratchetandclankguy2. So we spent the next year and a half with these accounts.

July, 2015 had arrived and I was getting quite bored with ROBLOX. Then a muslim holiday I celebrate, called Eid came. I got $100 from my parents. I decided then to spend it on ROBLOX as a ROBLOX card. I had one thought in that matter. Many people had threatened to hack ratchetandclankguy. I did not want to waste $100 dollars on an account that I may lose. I did not want to take the risk. So, I made a new account. The account is known as XBeam4K! I love XBeam4K. It is worth more than blockoyer1234 ever was. I got 3 ROBLOX cards for XBeam4K and ratchetandclankguy2 got 2. I then spent time making XBeam4K look good. I then decided to join some groups such as The Mountain Cafe, The Oakwood Cafe. Yes, I did join many more. After a while, I made my own groups. TeamBeam Games and The UniBladers Of VII. I gave The UniBladers to my brother. I will try to grow TeamBeam. It is new and it has gone a long way from when it began. After that, The Mountain Cafe began to fail. Unbelievable amounts left.TMC had 1003 members at it’s peak and now? 717! People are trying to save it. And so, the rest of my days until 2/12/2016…

On February 12, 2016 I was thinking about writing this article when I remembered blockoyer1234. It was then that I decided to take action. I e-mailed and they told me to give proof that that was my account. Desperate for my account, I asked if the e-mail in the account was and guess what? It was! I did the password reset process and then, on 2/16/2016, I logged in for the first time in 2 years. I got back blockoyer1234! I was so joyous to find my account back in my own hands! I missed it so much! I decided to spend all the robux and tix it had gotten over the years. “Just like old times.” were the first words I said when I entered my account.

All sad stories end with good endings, wherever the begin. Don’t lose hope like I did, keep all hope, and you will find the way. I only got back my hope because I was desperate. My mother and father comforted me after I lost that account, 2 years ago.

As for you, hackers, I’m not done with you. Stop hacking or there will be serious consequences. Don’t you realize the sadness you have spread? Take it from a hacked who hacked his best friend. He told me he cried for a long time when I hacked him, so I gave it back. Don’t do that to the people around you. What if you were a rich player and suddenly, you found that someone changed your password? You would feel horrible, would you not? If you don’t feel horrible, just know that you are a monster, you have made someone cry. My brother ratchetandclankguy2 is only 6 YEARS old! Would you make your 6 year old brother cry? I will do anything to stop hacking!



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