Hello there,

Recently our dev Swordlet helped us by making a XDAG version of the very good CPU miner XMRiG.

Few days ago he released a new version of it, to include latest XMRiG updates.

Feel free to test it by downloading it here : XMRiG2XDAG

XMRiG2XDAG Proxy and XMRiG2XDAG miners above.

As always, if any bug is found, please report it in the dedicated section on github ( Here ) to win 1000 XDAG if bug is validated.

Again thanks a lot to our dedicated developers, you can tip them by following the different fund adress:

  • XDAG Community Development fund : FQglVQtb60vQv2DOWEUL7yh3smtj7g1s
  • XDAGJ Development fund : +89Zijf2XsXqbdVK7rdfR4F8+RkHkAPh
  • BTC : 39QyFnyoW45dWMReaZtcoRHP2S4DqU8xQG
  • ETH : 0xb5F34fEb083186AfcB1DB1eFdE41eDA1f9BD9fB1

The XDAG Community.

Repost of the 2011–11–05 news on xdag.io

The new version of XDAG wallet (0.4.0) has been officially released.

The wallet has been adjusted in terms of design style, adding functions such as QR code, transfer address record, conditional searching transfer details, improving compatibility and user experience.

0.4.0 wallet support Windows、Linux and MAC OS.

XDAG’s community members can try to download 0.4.0 wallet with this link : https://github.com/XDagger/goXdagWallet/releases

This wallet have been developed by one of our long time supporter and developers Swordlet.

Community rewarded him 150000 XDAG for this good work, feel free to tip him on his adress to encourage him : 2muaPxu3kgDQX0MFzQEul3/7VLdnFay8

Bug bounty

If you find a bug, please visit : https://github.com/XDagger/goXdagWallet/issues/new/choose

Submit a bug and leave your XDAG address. After we review, we will reward 1000XDAG to this address if a bug is found.

download link: https://github.com/XDagger/goXdagWallet/releases/tag/0.4.0



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