Welcome to Tandem.

Sep 27 · 2 min read

Hello XDAT family,

As we approach a quarter since the inception of XDAT, I want to take the opportunity to thank the community for the overwhelming support we have received so far. We have had the pleasure of serving over 30,000+ users, at near-zero downtime, and no security incidents (touchwood). Most importantly, we did this as one of the few fully regulation-compliant exchanges in the world.

We at XDAT have always strived towards creating an ideal marketplace for retail crypto trading, with our simple vision of ‘Crypto for All’. As we were looking to build on the success of XDAT and expand our fiat ramps into other jurisdictions, especially from where we have been receiving traffic, it was evident that this was a time consuming and costly process, mainly in getting bank accounts in every jurisdiction.

We have therefore decided to launch Tandem, the newest avatar of our vision, which is a novel solution to ramp-up quickly into multiple jurisdictions. From offering just 1 fiat (EUR) on XDAT and being limited to EU, we will now be able to offer 50 fiat pairings in over 50 countries, encouraging adoption in these jurisdictions.

XDAT will now be known as Tandem.

At Tandem we are building a global distribution ecosystem that can earn passive income in crypto while educating and connecting users. Tandem is currently in private beta, but XDAT users will get early access to the platform. Any incentives that you have earned on XDAT will be converted to equivalent benefits on Tandem.

As you can imagine, we have been working tirelessly over the last couple of months, and we have now also on-boarded multiple advisors — crypto oldtimers Brock Pierce and Michael Terpin, Chris Yoshida, a senior advisor at Carlyle Group (one of the world’s largest investment firms), and Jaron Lukasiewicz, creator of one of the first crypto exchanges. The thesis of Tandem has been deliberated with our advisors and together we believe that this move will quickly catapult us onto the next level.

Therefore, this (new) Quarter, we are delighted to announce “Tandem” — a global interface that will support 50+ countries, 50+ fiats to promote crypto adoption.

Welcome to Tandem.

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www.XDAT.io XDAT is an EU compliant fiat — crypto — fiat exchange with 18+ trading pairs. We aim to be a platform that is Secure, Easy & Transparent for users.

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