Mobile Photography Tips For The Curmudgeon

The Opportunities Are Abundant

Mobile photography is changing the rules permanently.

Smart phone camera users are not limited by the cost of film, the cost of chemicals, or the cost of equipment. Everybody today has a camera (a powerful one) right in their pocket.

Don’t let this change in the photography world make you nervous or pass you by. The invention of new technologies is an opportunity for new possibilities.

If you have the right knowledge and tools, you’ll be able to flourish in this crazy environment.

The iPhone 7 Plus Update: Important Features for Photographers

From the beginning of her journey, Teri Lou Dantzler wanted to motivate and inspire others to embrace mobile through her mobile photography tips.

The more Teri Lou heard about how people were losing interest in photography because they couldn’t carry all that heavy gear anymore, the more she wanted to show them that this was no longer necessary.

The latest update from the iPhone 6s Plus to the 7 Plus was significant in many practical ways. So let’s look at the improvements desired by photographers that the iPhone 7 Plus offers.

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What You Don’t Understand About Mobile Photography

Mobile phones often get a bad rap from diehard DSLR users, but for some, it’s their only tool they need in their bag, and a powerful one at that!

The combining of camera and phone has led us to communicate more visually with each other. Instagram is a planet-sized photographic conversation where everyone can talk with anyone about anything.

We live in an age of connected image making, of immediate, democratic storytelling.

Does this alarm or excite you?

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Journalists Using Mobile Photography To Tell Intimate Stories

Image © Ben Lowy

The trajectory of multi-award winning photojournalist Ben Lowy’s career demonstrates the fine balance between holding onto creative questions while at the same time trusting that things will work out if we dare to do.

Around 2008, Lowy began using his iPhone camera for fun and convenience, taking shots of things that caught his eye when he wasn’t working. He soon recognized that the look of the then-unusual vintage-effect photographs produced by an app called Hipstamatic could play an important role in his professional work.

Time magazine was one of the first publications to seize Lowy’s idea and run with it. In November 2012, they commissioned him and four other photo journalists to document Hurricane Sandy using only iPhones. Lowy waded into the crashing waves with nothing but his iPhone in a ziplock bag, capturing visceral images of the tumult: one of which was to become a memorable TIME cover photograph.

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The Best Camera Accessories Of 2016

That old saying, “The best camera is the one you have with you,” is almost cliché at this point.

So … let’s make that best camera even better by taking it past its stock performance capabilities without weighing you down with a full sized camera bag.

Work with what you’ve got — or, at least, work with what you can carry in your pocket.

These 5 smartphone camera accessories will enhance your mobile camera’s powers and take your smartphone photography to a whole new level. We’ve got sneaky mobile photography tips on how to use these bad boys, too.

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How I Use Lightroom Mobile To Stay Sane

With Lightroom Mobile you can edit from anywhere, online or offline.

Being chained to your desk while editing your images is very dangerous and wrought with peril.

It’s time we take ourselves away from our desktop monitors and venture, bravely, blinking-ly, into a new mobile territory.

Differentiating yourself in this new photography medium has more to do with arousing emotion beyond the technical presentation.

Peter West Carey has been thrilled with the deployment and development of Lightroom Mobile as a highly useful tool in decreasing the time he spends seated in front of his computer.

In Part 1, he’s going to give you a sneak peek behind the scenes of how he handles his workflow and pumps out large amounts of images without going blind.

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Part 2 is where the enjoyment of initial edits begins. And it can begin from anywhere if you enabled offline editing.

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What It All Means

Mobile is changing what it means to be a photographer in the 21st century. Or is it?

The most important thing about mobile photography and it’s myriad platforms is (and always has been) the story behind the photo. It’s time to forget about capturing or editing the perfect image. It’s time to embrace our inner storyteller and let him/her drive our photography in this new era.

Differentiating yourself in this new photography medium has more to do with arousing emotion beyond the technical presentation.

Reread these points, keep this article handy, and use these mobile photography tips and knowledge as a reference to improve your storytelling.

That part hasn’t changed at all.

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