X Infinity World Music Showcase 2018

While everyone was out busy trick or treating, X Infinity celebrated Halloween by singing and dancing during the World Music Showcase last week. The X Infinity World Music Showcase co-organized by JS Entertainment allowed the team and community to sit back enjoy the memorable performances that night. The concert took place at the Genting International Convention Centre on the 31st of October and featured three amazing artists.

After the showcase ended, a signing ceremony was held between X Infinity and CONUN of South Korea. X Infinity CEO and founder Eddie Chong sat down with CONUN director Louis Pyo where a MoU was agreed between the two parties. The agreement between the two blockchain companies will see CONUN use X Infinity’s point of sale system for any upcoming overseas concerts and also explore the possibility of the South Korean company’s cooperation when it comes to cryptocurrency e-wallet technology.

Louis Pyo (left) and Eddie Chong (right) after signing MoU

The X Infinity World Music Showcase was fortunate enough to be able to not only showcase the talents of one artist, but three! The three artists that graced the stage were Della Wu of Taiwan, Seungri from world famous South Korean group Big Bang and Malaysia’s very own Gary Chaw. The atmosphere during the concert was electrifying, each performance was so incredible that they could have taken the house down on three separate occasions.

Seungri performed some of his hit solo songs such as “1,2,3!” and “Where R u from?”, Seungri’s stage presence could be felt throughout the entire venue, sometimes taking his phone out for a quick video or selfie with the 3500 passionate fans in attendance. Gary Chaw graced the audience with a few of his classic hits such as “Broad Sky” and “Two Lovers”, Della Wu brought the audience to life with her hit songs “Can’t Guess” and “The Same Moonlight” to name a few.

As a thank you for the support and backing given by the wonderful X Infinity community, the team held a contest on Facebook where followers could win free tickets to the event. We initially planned to only give away 50 tickets but we could not let the community down especially due to the sheer number of entries made into the competition. As a result, we decided to increase the number of tickets given away to over 100 tickets!

What a night it was, and it would not have happened were it not for the support and dedication of JS Entertainment, the fans, the X Infinity community, the Artists and many more. The team at X Infinity promises you that this is only beginning and that we hope to be able to organize more fun and exciting events like the World Music Showcase. Find out more at X Infinity’s official website http://www.xinfinity.io.