People like Trump because he gives them permission to no longer suppress their intolerance. He promotes pride in prejudice.
Be Not Afraid Of Donald Trump: Be Afraid Of The People Who Support Him
Abby Norman

A sound thrashing by women who vote should clarify that Assoholism Anonymous is no longer anonymous.

The upside of Trump’s reality show campaign is that it has flushed out the ones out of step — exposed them as relics of a less tolerant age.

Some will eventually restore themselves to sanity, others will die first. Either way, the fever blister will burst Nov 8; the infection of fear, resentment and hatred will either erupt or be triaged, and eventually heal in a powerful way, scar tissue being stronger.

President Clinton, like President Obama, will have to endure 4–8 years of witch hunts and harassment, and she will still do a great job.

Backwards, in heels.

We are witnessing the denial stage of grief over eroding white male privilege.

It’s entirely up to us how gracefully we (they?) dismantle it and generate a US culture that reflects US ALL.

I learned from Barack Obama that no one person, however extraordinary, can please all of the people all of the time, but we must hold them to doing their best, in our best interests as a whole.

Sounds like women’s work.

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