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Lately I’ve been having sparks of intuition about the Renaissance model of wealthy benefactors paying artists to entertain them and their guests; providing room and board and (hopefully) a better quality of life than they would have had, with very little impact on the wealthy’s resources.

With inequality at its most pronounced in US history, now might be the time to employ elements of that model.

Think of resources in terms of energy; where it flows and where it doesn’t, and how much of it refills our creative tanks and where it comes from.

We’ve been brainwashed by the “industrial” model (exchanging time for money) since 1900 and it is crying out to transform into a model we all can use to regain financial equilibrium after the wealthy raped our net worth and emptied our national and part of global coffers in 2008.

Never underestimate the impact of that experience in 2008, just 7 years after 9/11. We are a nation recovering from PTSD, walking around “shopping” like Shrub told us on 9/12…obsessed by the fear of “others” and “terrorists” (often conflated by Faux News as a propaganda campaign for the GOP.)

What if the only way left for anyone to be fairly and amply compensated is to channel just as much creativity into being clear and innovative about what you consider compensation, as you do when you create your art.

It might be the Renaissance got it right. You might NEVER be paid a living wage for your art, but you possess the natural curiosity, creativity and inspiration to get yourself good at a whole bunch of things you enjoy and be paid for those (instead of trading the hours of your life for money.)

You have all you need to create a life that works perfectly and peacefully. That’s true with or without the McMansion — depends on what you want the level of difficulty of your life to be.

And that is a much longer conversation….

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