Cards on the table: I’m an engineer on Chrome. Caveat emptor, etc. etc.
Alex Russell

No idea what the hell you guys are tiffing about, or what any of your buzzwords mean, but if you’re interested in actual customer experience (rather than incestuous developer fishbowl tit-for-tat):

As a heavy daily user, IE SUCKS in just about every way — and has for years. It is sluggish while streaming video or using Flash, regardless of device; multiple open tabs predictably renders IE useless and regularly crashes whatever device I’m using. I finally gave up altogether and uninstalled IE from every device I own this year, after using off and on since Windows 95.

On the other hand, Chrome is not only the most robust, easy-to-use browser I’ve used on PC or Mac laptops; on my Chromebook it is SCREAMING fast and performs seamlessly, even with as many as 10–12 open tabs. It also has the most useful and well-designed extensions available onn any browser I’ve experienced, including IE, Firefox and Safari, in 20+ years of daily use on Windows PCs or MacOS devices.

Full disclosure: I would marry Google if there was such a thing, so I am decidedly biased. You guys can quibble over “snap” this and “sticky” that — but ultimately, as a user, IE lags so far behind Chrome that they might as well just pack it in and look for a different product line to tinker with, because the race has already been won — Chrome by several lengths!!!

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