It’s the most exciting sort of adventure because I’m not bound by our world’s laws of physics.
Because Writing Could Change Everything
Tom Farr

“Not being bound by the laws of physics” is what the “logical”, who do not write as a form of introspection, analysis and creation, do not understand. The freedom of it is unparalleled.

The practice of writing what you see in your mind, intuition; what you feel in your body; what you experience in dreams, removes obstructions to the flow of universal energy that runs through all organic matter.

What if keeping our “conduit” open, allowing the free flow of that infinite energy through our own lives and every life ours touches, IS our purpose?

What if it really is that simple?

What if it’s only been our culture’s addiction to complexity distracting us all our lives; that however we get ourselves centered and quiet enough to hear the faint voice, we deny its existence.

When was the last time you sat for :15 with no phone, music, TV, computer, electric anything or people around you at all? It’s impossible to hear your true voice in those conditions.

The universe is quiet, and not prone to yelling.

What if that silence is the easiest way to keep our conduit clear, to allow the vast energy of the universe to flow precisely where it is needed most. (Next to you on the sidewalk, for instance.)?

When things seem to conspire against our puny agenda, isn’t there always a time — sooner or later — that we say “I had to be in that place at that time to meet you|do this|be who I am today?”

Had things gone according to plan that night I got off at the wrong bus stop in a sleepy suburban town in North County San Diego, I wouldn’t have been the only person standing near enough to the 60-year-old homeless man having a heart attack to ask if he was alright and use my cell to call EMTs.

They told me he would have died, having had two heart attacks in the past month and a grand mal seizure earlier in the day, and he did not have a cell.

Don’t get me started on why a man of 60 was homeless, standing in an empty parking lot, dying for all to see, at 8:30pm and no one had noticed. I feeel grateful I was where I was, instead of where I was “supposed” to be.

So much for suppositions. Throwing them on the bonfire of assumptions that have f*cked with my mind, body, heart and soul for too long. They have messed with the wrong Sicilian.

I hereby declare “supposed to” and assumptions of any kind extinct in my life. When I am present, grateful, trusting and patient, there is no need for either, and there is always enough.

Practice. Notice. Allow. Express. Connect. Be in each moment while it’s happening, with your full attention, and I defy you to be “bored.” :-)

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