Either he knew and didn’t care, or he didn’t know and is therefore way less attuned to feminist issues than he purports to be.
“Not qualified”
Kathy Zhang

Or it could be a generational blind spot — and compassion and patience is in order. Bernie Sanders has always been a compassionate, open, ethical man, and he has offered no reason to believe that has changed.

We are witnessing the sociological equivalent of continental platelets of the earth breaking and reforming at an accelerated pace that outstrips (and therefore stresses) the cognitive capacities of one of history’s largest generations, just when they are losing their grip on world domination.

There’s some stuff happening. I prefer the temperament of a thoughtful man who has lived through disruptions in our country (consistently on the side that aligns with my personal values and what I envision as an inevitable evolution of our country’s priorities toward “…OF, BY and FOR the people.”

President Obama has spoiled me for other temperaments.

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