Why We All Need Hygge In Our Lives

This is the first time I’ve heard the word hygge, though anyone who has ever been a guest in any of my homes will tell you it is present in the warm, soft bathrobes, house blended epsom salt and lavender in their bedtime bath; impossibly soft bed linens and towels; a beautiful gourmet meal with great wine and even greater conversation…candles instead of lights…a hint of delicious incense in the air…great music….

Reading this piece made me realize how much I have missed hygge this past four years, without a home base. Now that I’m closing in on a place of my own again, longing for hygge is almost a physical ache. The desire for it gets me out of bed and creating every morning.

I can’t wait to write here, the first night in my new home. I’ll share pictures of what hygge means in my world. Until then, I’d love to see yours.


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