Project Mydexpay XMD offering a new way to produce without environmentally sensitive energy consumption
Produce coins without energy consumption

How do you transfer or make payments with electronic money between individuals or
businesses without the need of a financial institution? By finding the answer to this
question, the work of the person or persons named Satoshi Nakamoto initiated an evolution
in the digital world. Bitcoin, which is the first application of blockchain technology,
caught attention especially after 2014 by increasing its value from 3 cents to USD 2000.

After bitcoin, many currencies took place in the sector with different projects.
One of these projects put forward the term MASTERNODE and broke new ground. …

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VinDAX are running Mydexpay (XMD) Airdrop Campaign for all members @XMydexpay

The event will occur in the duration from 7th Sep — 7th Oct 2019 Join Mydexpay (XMD) Airdrop and get the rewards at:…

Total rewards are up to 10,000 XMD!

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