XOV is on the fast track to success

Ready to board the XOV train in 2019?

A new year is always symbolic of a fresh perspective on the future. At XOV, we believe we are creating the future today — the future of digital currency.

Whether you are a cryptonite or new to digital currency, you can be assured that 2019 will taste different to 2018. Many projects in the last year or so have suffered with negative publicity that is associated with a few projects that promised the earth, but delivered very little or nothing. These hopefully are the projects of the past.

XOV has been very clear from the outset that our credibility is all about delivery. No project can provide confidence to its supporters without a working product. XOV launched its retail trading platform just after many people had digested their Christmas dinners. The platform provides a basis by which we can be judged to be a project that delivers on its promises and is determined to continue delivering. The product is entry level and provides the opportunity for people to open an XOV account and start trading in a range of digital assets. The retail side of the business has just begun.

Everything you see and use right now has been completely financed by private equity with no external investment — the absolute commitment from the leadership of the project that we mean business, and stand by our vision.

In 2019, our customers can expect additional development to the platform. We’re not a project that accepts the status quo and stands still.

We are launching our Bitcoin gateway towards the end of January 2019 (XOVBTC). This provides our customers with the ability to trade in Bitcoin at fast transaction speeds (using the BitShares network), and at low fees. Future versions of our platform are also in specification phase, and you can expect additional gateways (including FIAT), a range of complex derivatives and a loans capability. Again, this is just in the near future. Versions beyond this go even further using interactive features, greater security and eventually full retail banking services.

If you are only interested in the retail side of the business, you can now click away from the blog, but for a full appreciation of the ambition and scale of XOV, read on.

XOV has spent most of 2018 planning and researching the possibility of a decentralised stable bank by consulting with economists and cryptocurrency economists. These included Demelza Hayes, the Forbes DACH finalist, Professor Danielsson of the London School of Economics, and Professor Andrei Kirilenko of Imperial College among others. This has produced a body of research that we want to build upon in 2019 to develop and realise our plans for a decentralised global bank fit for purpose for institutional funds, HNW individuals, Central Banks and Governments around the world. A bank that sits above the traditional Central Banks of the world with its own definition of stable currency. We have watched other stable coin projects, their vulnerabilities and design weaknesses, and believe our stable coin will re-define ‘stable’.

Finally, 2019 is a year of partnerships for XOV. We have a few strategic partnerships in our pipeline — some of which are close to fruition and others more distant. These partnerships will help the project to grow and expand much faster, allowing us to execute our vision. One such partnership is a digital payments processing project. This will complement both our retail and stable bank offerings and provide a division that allows the proliferation of our stable currency globally with traditional and digital retailers.

For more information about the XOV project or to open an XOV account, please go to www.xov.io and to join our growing community on Telegram, please go to t.me/xovofficial. XOV has an Ethereum token (XOVBank) which is currently available to buy at Mercatox exchange or using your XOV account.