Feb 14, 2018 · 1 min read

We have released the first alpha version of CardioAI® API

We have released the first alpha version of CardioAI® API. The technical specification can be found at https://spec.api.cardio.ai.

This evaluation version of CardioAI® API has only one method. This method classifies an original ECG record acquired by a legally marketed digital ECG recorder. The method returns a list of cardiac events and their number in the record. Cardiac events are annotated according to the HL7® standard.

CardioAI® is the software medical device that enables unattended constant cardiac monitoring. CardioAI® comprises of two applications: CardioAI® API (Application Programming Interface) for raw ECG signal processing and CardioAI® Web a graphic user interface for physicians or similarly qualified healthcare professionals to help to evaluate ECG findings.


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