(24/01/23) Proposal and Voting for ‘Relief Fund Support’

(24/01/23) Proposal and Voting for ‘Relief Fund Support’

This is Team XPLA.

We’re here to let you know that the Proposal post has been uploaded, and the Voting process for the FTX issue has started.

- This Proposal is intended to ‘Transfer $XPLA from the XPLA Reserve to the FTX Holder as support finance.’ The result will decide whether to allocate $XPLA through the Reserve for support.

- Voting schedule : 24th, Jan 2023 13:00 ~ 31th, Jan 2023 13:00 (UTC)

- Team XPLA aims to provide financial support to the affected holders with the tokens from the Reserve upon receiving the creditor’s rights from the relevant authorities. ‘Relief Fund Support’ program has been designed to support individuals who were unable to withdraw their $XPLA as a result of the FTX incident.

- If the proposal passes, the $XPLAs we retrieve back from FTX when their bankruptcy proceeding ends will be transferred back to the Reserve or permanently removed from circulation by burning them.

You can check the Voting Status through the XPLA Vault and XPLA Explorer, and the results will be informed when the Voting ends.

Please give us some support and interest in our Relief Fund Support. Pilot’s unwavering support and opinion will make XPLA leap forward to a better tomorrow.

Thank you.

* Support for the actual supply will be available when the $XPLA is claimable through a legal process with objective proof of ownership.

* Depending on the situation, we might change or revise the method of provision.


For more information, please refer to the information below.

Details about the Proposal
QnAs about Proposal / Voting
LEARN XPLA: Governance, Proposal, Voting



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