Bonding with Beverages: Lowline Tour

This is a series called “bonding with beverages” in which XRC Labs bonds and community builds over social events, field trips, and general outings.

Some of the XRC Labs community at Boulton and Watts in NYC.
How can we build more green space in our cities? What if the answer lay just below our feet?

How many accelerators take you on a tour of the city?

….no idea, but WE do!

This past Sunday, June 19th, XRC Labs spent the afternoon bonding with our team and companies in a not-as-big-as-expected tour of the Lowline and a much more enthusiastic food and drink social post field trip. To be clear: while we appreciate cultural exhibits, on this day in particular we felt a little more gratified bonding over beverages at the bar.

All jokes aside, the Lowline is an amazing prototype that offers a greener future in our not-so-little concrete jungle.

A Brief history on the Lowline by our Executive Director, Leslie:

Leslie what do you make of this? She shakes her head at this notion…

“No. It was Zach who made it so relevant and so interesting!” — Leslie
NYC’S Underground Lowline Park

A brief history about New York City’s new-ish urban park via Zach from Savvy Society.

What’s interesting about this subterranean park is that it’s both a park open to the public on weekends and a solar technology prototype that tests light and reflection from the sun in relation to plant growth in this underground environment. The Lowline is located in a historic trolley terminal on the Lower East Side of New York City. Eventually if this prototype project gets enough of a financial foundation, they aspire to have the design complete and open by 2020.

Most of the day’s true bonding and shenanigans took place over one (read: a few) drinks at Boulton and Watt. Others who couldn’t make the Lowline event, met up with us to community build over drinks and food!

Overall, success.

Check with us next week after we attempt to tackle the MET this Sunday, June 26th to see the Manus x Machina: a technology meets fashion exhibit.

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