T-1 Day Demo Day: Cohort 2 Update

With Demo Day only a day away…we might as well start filtering our coffee through an IV drip.

Are you as wired as we are? Many days and pitch perfect practices later…or was it practicing perfect pitches. Wait! Sorry… I meant, we’re practicing our pitches to perfect them. You get the gist, we are on a final day crunch and it’s an adrenaline-risen office. If Demo Day prep were a sport, the speed at which everyone is performing would definitely put us in first place.

The days leading up to Demo Day have been restless but we are so close to the big reveal, and absolutely thrilled to share it with you. This will be our second-ever Demo Day for our Cohort 2 Class, and with the same sentiments as our inaugural class — we are so proud of how far these companies have progressed.

Cohort 2 Class: The Companies

With Demo Day coming up, this cohort will reach it’s conclusion here at XRC but this is nowhere near a goodbye. Any XRC member will always be part of the community. This work-family will continue to support its creators: past, present and future, as they scatter and continue to build respective networks and grow their businesses.

We have seen as each start-up has developed and accomplished so much in such a short-period of time. Helping a company progress and evolve as thought-leaders and creators is the reason why XRC exists. We aim to help each Cohort Class find their brand identity, while producing and progressing with that identity in mind.

The XRC Labs program creates a space for both the XRC team and companies to work together and build stronger brand models, pitches, campaigns and even teams. Throughout Cohort 2: we held classes, networking dinners, team socials… in which we bonded over beverages and toured the city. We helped brands expand, rebrand, rename, repurpose, and basically “re:” do it all. All our time shared has not only produced dynamic presentations, pitches, and businesses but a thoughtful community, as well.


We wanted to acknowledge all of you who will be present for tomorrow’s Demo Day and thank you for taking part in this very exciting moment for this Cohort Class.

Most importantly, we wanted to take a trip down memory lane and reflect on how all the companies have developed from their raw, original projects to the shiny, polished brands that are to be revealed in a day.

Here’s to you, Cohort Class 2!

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