Adam Leonard, CEO and founder of BlockEx, is now an advisor of XRED

Adam is a true digital innovator. With 20 years of Payments, AdTech and FinTech experience, Adam has built several award winning platforms in the AdTech and Gaming spaces. Adam has been in the blockchain space for more than 6 years, and has been solely focused on FinTech since 2011. Adam’s experience in the field makes him one of the leading minds in the blockchain FinTech world. He is the CEO and founder of BlockEx. BlockEx is a FinTech company with a Digital Asset Exchange Platform (DAxP) which…

XRED has a new adviser:

Eric Alexandre

Eric is a creative director who has successfully implemented the production and campaigns of a client portfolio that includes Samsung, Panasonic, Volkswagen, Elite Models, Fashion TV, BMW, JVC and Daikin amongst others. Eric has worked on the Elite Model Look China, Singapore and International finals since 2005 and is the managing director of EML Singapore since 2010. He has been helping promising talents to develop a professional grade image over the last few years and recognized a similar demand for image and PR management among artists and athletes. Stemming from this experience and…

The Dividends to investors will be £750,000 ($1,000,000)

This off market property is located in Earls Court London SW5. XRED Propose to purchase the property in Eardley Crescent Earls Court and convert the existing Doctor`s Surgery to a high end boutique hotel then sell on the open market. This property development site is adjacent to the stunning new development which was once the Earls Court Exhibition Centre, which is being transformed to the largest regeneration opportunity in Central London

This new development will include 8,000 residential flats, retail outlets and a new convention centre. The prices of Commercial Property in this location are going to “moon” and…

We have developed our own Ethereum wallet solution for XRED foundation — XRED wallet.

To participate in the ICO you need to send ETH to our crowdsale address after the ICO has started. In our XRED wallet it will be done automatically, just open your wallet and fill in the field with an amount.

Steps are below:

Step 1. Set up your network

You can use Metamask extension

XRED ICO will begin on Nov 1, 2017. The following are the detailed information on Parameters.

Initial block is 4466956 ~ NOV 1, 00–00 UTC

Final block is 4738499 ~ DEC 15, 00–00 UTC

Initial price is 415 tokens per 1ETH

Final price is 330 tokens per 1ETH (safe space 21 for difference between current price 309$ per ETH)

Price stages is 5 — from 25% (~26%) to 0% bonus

XRED Multisign address is 0x925f94B875A2289bf300f9886FD2b8ca9dD0F12c

Community Multisign address is 0x681a8ea6b8a542921b90b40e64d93a54218eff65

Token sale address is 0x7f3bfe88fb97d275e83d9bdd93aa7a0fd0e49981

Token address is 0x99dd050072f6655a8ee3d59fea69b4542a66ad82

To participate in crowdsale you can send ETH directly to 0x7f3bfe88fb97d275e83d9bdd93aa7a0fd0e49981 or use web app.

Please be aware that has been developed for receiving dividends and additional features.

Visit the official website at

We have 2 trusted community members who will act as the “eyes” of our community. Let’s give a big thank you to:

Nguyễn Thanh Tuấn




Iwan Toniro

Username in bitcointalk: onetoniro

Profile link:;u=118030

ETH: 0x133B44B164ACF061814513B208688Db1De4646E3




The 2 trusted community members will take the responsibility to ensure that the ICO is transparent and carried out according to promises in our White Paper. They will be participating in the launch of the ICO in as follows.

We have two 2-to-3 multisig wallets. One for XRED Dev and the other one is…

Inverse price correlation between Ethereum and Bitcoin is only during short periods of time, they have a generally direct relationship in longer terms

I. Ethereum Development Stages

Ethereum Hard Fork Stages

Ethereum has 4 development stages: Frontier, Homestead, Metropolis and Serenity. Currently, it is during Metropolis, which is the third phase. Metropolis contains Byzantium and Constantinople. Byzantium is the one that happened recently on Oct 16. Constantinople has a date set in 2018 but the date has not been announced yet.

Future: Serenity

When Serenity is carried out, Ethereum will be more stabilized with Proof of Stake (PoS). The following are some exerpt about how the Proof of Stake will happen in Serenity. …

In Sept, 2017, UK nominal housing price has increased 296.06% from Jan 1991.

XRED’s 40% bonus Pre-Sale is at the last day and therefore, we would like to have some fun by presenting you some simple analyses of long term UK housing prices. Official website:

From NationWide’s House Price Index, we made some analysis for UK Housing Price’s long term performance. There are three charts that we would like to show.

Chart 1: Average House Price

Average House Price

Average House Price has an upward trend with an interruption in 2008 when the Banking Crisis happened. After 2008, there was a steady…

with 2 Announcements

XRED features a 40% bonus during its Pre-Sale! Please check out what XRED is through this link:

The official website of XRED is at:

Signing up is easy. Simply submit your email address and you will receive detailed information. XRED has a ICO wallet feature that will allow you to manage your funds and transactions easily. Please read about the wallet here:

The following are the 2 announcements.

  1. We have a new bonus structure in place now.

We have received questions regarding our previous bonus structure, with distinction of bonus percentage between 1st day…

XRED is launching the XRED ICO Wallet platform for security and ease of transactions and management. It has a dashboard for everything you need in order to manage the trading or holding of your XRED tokens with account administration features. It also includes the feature to receive dividends.

With a slick color combination, the XRED ICO Wallet platform is carefully designed with user friendly GUI and is engineered to be safe and secure.

The XRED ICO wallet will be available on Linux, Windows, Mac, Android, iOS devices, in web-browsers and Chrome Web Store.

Let’s take a peek at the ICO…

XRED Foundation

The First Cryptocurrency fund for real estate development and investment. Visit:

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