How Can I Add A Custom Token To XUMM Wallet? A Way To Set Up A Trust Line For XRPayNet

2 min readMar 1, 2022

This Guide Is An Effective Way To Set Up A Trust Line from XRPayNet’s issuing XRP Ledger Account To Your XUMM Wallet

1.) Visit the webpage

2.) Click the blue button ‘Sign in with XUMM’

3.) will display a QR Code. Scan the QR code with the XUMM app by clicking the XUMM Logo in the bottom center of your home screen

4.) XUMM will show a sign-in transaction & sign the transaction by selecting ‘Accept’ in the XUMM app

5.) Verify the correct XRP Ledger network is Live in the top right corner (Switched to Main)

6.) Scroll down the webpage and select “Trust Set (Trustlines)”

7.) In the field ‘XRPL Address which issues the Token’ enter the issuing address of the token. XRPayNet’s address is:

8.) From the drop down menu select the asset (token code) XRPayNet from the proposed list

9.) Select “Send Trust Set to XUMM” & sign the transaction using the XUMM app.

These are all the steps on how to set up a Trustline with using the XUMM wallet for XRPayNet.

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