The Wild West In The Classroom
Andrew Robinson

What a garbage article. First off, no one is carrying automatic weapons on school property, legally anyway. The process to obtain fully automatic weapons is long and rather pricey. From experience it takes almost a whole year and costs over $5,200.Not to mention that it allows federal government to perform inspections on how I use the equipment when ever they want. Nice try in making this illusion that evil students are carrying fully automatic weapons. It’s just not happening, not to mention, murders committed with fully automatic weapons are less then 1% of all gun deaths.

Second, there are already laws in place to protect citizens from people using a fire arm to intimidate. Going armed to the terror of the public, is one such offense. The fact that you feel intimidated by someone simply carrying a firearm, as is their constitutional right, is not a issue on that person, that is an issue with you. You seem to have a irrational fear of people, so you would rather restrict that students rights, because it will make you feel better? Seems somewhat narcissistic. Nice try is making it seem like, these students, exercising their constitutional freedoms, are doing so to intimidate, bully, cheat, and threaten. Have the intestinal fortitude t stand up against those kind regardless of who they are, because again, if they use to a weapon to intimidate, they have now just committed a crime.

Third, the travesty of education is educators like yourself, that seem its right to teach students that their feelings trump other peoples rights. That people exercising their constitutional freedoms, that you do not agree with, are misguided, have evil intent, bullies, cheats, and criminals. That their sole purpose for doing so is to create panic, intimidate people, and bully. When it is nothing more tool they would use to defend them self in a life or death situation. Much like mace, tasers, and rape whistles just a little more effective in neutralizing a threat.

Finally, making this akin to the Wild West is hilarious. Gun crime, gun murders, heck even all crime was a heck of a lot lower then it is today. that is historic fact, you should open a book other then physics to find out. Most cities has laws about firearms inside the town, many even forbid it. Those that broke those laws were dealt with swiftly and severely, unlike today’s criminals.Nice try in making it seem like another gun fight in the OK corral is getting ready to happen.

Since you have all these concerns about teaching in Texas, perhaps you should as you said, stay away. That’s whats nice about this country, your free to go where you choose or not too. So sorry that the society doesn’t want to placate you feelings and pander to your irrational fear of guns.

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