Blockchain technology has tremendous potential to improve data integrity as well as the way data is handled and stored. However, it comes with several less-than-attractive features.

Blockchain technology and its limitations.

By design, a blockchain is resistant to modification of the data. It is ‘an open, distributed ledger that can record transactions between two parties efficiently and in a verifiable and permanent way’. For use as a distributed ledger, a blockchain is typically managed by a peer-to-peer network collectively adhering to a for inter-node communication and validating new blocks. Once recorded, the data in any given block cannot be altered retroactively without alteration of…

While data storage, data integrity protection, and data validation is done on-chain in a classic blockchain, XTRABYTES™ takes an approach where not everything needs to happen on-chain. As a result, Proof of Signature (PoSign™) is a decentralized data integrity protection service offered by our network’s STATIC nodes.

By implementing this novel approach, we ensure that anyone seeking to protect their data can make use of this service (provided they conform to the requirements that are set out by the STATIC network).

Implementing PoSign results in XCHAIN™, a new approach to data integrity protection. It also replaces the need for a…

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Blockchain-Based Voting Comes of Age

Is blockchain technology the answer to election security concerns? While blockchain technology can readily resolve issues related to voting fraud, national and state election officials have been reluctant to embrace it fully. Ironically, US electronic voting machines continue to face problems. As Mashable recounts:

Experts have also found that electronic voting is incredibly vulnerable to hacking. U.S. intelligence agencies concluded that Russia attempted to penetrate the voting systems of 21 states in 2016, and were successful in at least one (Illinois).

It also turns out that the recommended way people should vote is with a paper ballot that allows voters…

DEX Revisited: Are Decentralized Exchanges the Hero We Need Right Now?

Continuing complaints about the responsiveness of exchanges, concerns about insider trading at Coinbase, and alarm at the most recent Binance hack have many depositors yearning for a trustworthy alternative. While public concerns about exchanges have waxed and waned since the historic Mt.Gox hack, their patience with them appears to be at an end.

For many investors, the classic exchange model simply does not provide a sense of security. They are told to relinquish ownership of their currency by sending it to a centralized exchange, an inviting target for hacking and phishing sites (often via fake Google ads pages). They also…

Our Waves DEX Launches!

Welcome to the introduction of our XTRABYTES™ client for the Waves platform. Waves is an existing DEX that can serve as an easy trading solution until we launch X-CHANGE™. Once logged in, you will find a familiar system in comparison to any other centralized exchange. However, the Waves DEX will enable us to maintain control of real coins, thus offering far more security than even the largest centralized exchanges offer.

With regards to X-CHANGE: We must emphasize that this Waves platform is not a replacement for X-CHANGE. We only pursued this option once it became evident that there was a…

Oh Canada! The Latest Company Achievements

Dear Community Members,

As we work towards completing the POSIGN patent applications, we would like to share with you some additional project developments we have been working on.

These project developments represent significant milestones in the long and winding road toward patent pending status. Quite frankly, getting through this patent pending stage has been a daunting task for everyone involved, including supporters and contributors. We appreciate their patience as we work through this massive challenge on a daily basis.

More with regard to patent applications later with a message directly from Zoltan.

With regard to developments, tomorrow evening we will…

Governance Model Introduction

The first point we would like to establish regarding our governance model is that XTRABYTES is a “for profit” company. Everything we have ever done has been an effort to set the stage for profits or to create profits. This profit is not just for the company, it is for our STATIC network owners and now you will see it is also for the people who wish to get involved in the ownership of XTRABYTES.

This announcement also gives me the opportunity to clarify a misunderstanding and shed some light on what we believe is the nucleus for the majority…

STATICs And More

Due to programming requirements and our forthcoming “main-net” activation, we’re announcing that STATIC node registration will be open soon.

In anticipation of this event, we’re providing answers to several frequently asked questions below:

What is the estimated rewards percentage?

The founders have designed a system that provides exceptional flexibility and maximum payouts to the STATIC owners. As such, it utilizes a rewards system that initially pays 100% of all fees to the STATIC network.

Internally, the XTRABYTES corporations will earn money through licensing fees. By doing so, we will not have to adjust payout percentages for STATIC owners.

Every Dapp, protected element, and the tech itself…

Do Not Use the Yobit Exchange to Trade XTRABYTES!

Can you imagine buying cryptocurrencies on a centralized exchange and never being able to retrieve them again? Not because of a hack, but merely because an exchange refused to update their wallet? That is what XTRABYTES investors experienced when attempting to withdraw funds from the Yobit exchange in late 2017. Unfortunately, multiple attempts by XTRABYTES to resolve this situation have failed.

Given that we will be attracting new investors soon, we believe it’s imperative to restate this danger once again. We have removed all links to Yobit and will continue our warnings on multiple channels. In addition, we’ve also created…


The official account for XTRABYTES™, a blockchain development company that utilizes Proof of Signature (PoSign).

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