GREED & AMA Q&A Review

Host: XT.COM

Guest: Peter Parente — Lead Developer

At 18th November, 07:00 (UTC), XT.COM did another live streaming! Hi, everyone! Welcome to the XT AMA Channel. XT is honored to invite GREED today. Let me give a brief introduction to XT first. is the world’s first real-time social trading platform with 0% leverage interest. The XT ecosystem has over 6 million global users with a daily transaction volume of close to $5 billion. The platform has real-time indicators and tools that bring the best trading atmosphere for all users.

XT Group governs the XT Exchange, XT Capital, XT Labs, XT Academy, XT PooL, and among additional institutions, which comprehensively lay out the industrial chain of digital asset ecology.

XT exchange’s innovative social model empowers the blockchain industry through newly developed social trading avenues, which were once not possible. XT has achieved this through a combined effort with our partners, like Btok and Tapatalk.

Today, our guest is Captain Awesome Let’s talk to him to learn about Greed.

Hello Cap , thank you for joining us for the XT and GREED AMA! Hello and thank you to everyone who has joined us for this AMA with XT Exchange. My real name is Peter Parente also known as Captain Awesome and I’m the Creator / Lead Developer of the Greed Ecosystem. A brief introduction about me an my background. I am a United States Marine Corps Veteran. I have been in the investment world since 1996 and a business consultant the last 15 years. I am also a multi-award winning author. Can you give our audience a brief introduction of GREED ?

Peter Parente: The Greed Ecosystem encompasses many crypto utilities on multichain platforms with launchpads, swaps, staking, farms, the metaverse and an NFT marketplace that are all synergistic. Greed Music is the core of the ecosystem with Grammy Award winning producers and song writers Cool & Dre doing what they do best, music. Cool & Dre have been pioneers in music for over two decades and are will now be taking music into the crypto world and the metaverse.

The ecosystem will be launched across the 3 major chains noted above: Binance, Cardano, and Ethereum allowing the project to benefit from the strengths of each and not be confined to one. Additionally, the ecosystem and its contracts are designed in such a manner that functionality can be enhanced, added, and expanded to include the incorporation of additional blockchains and crypto partner projects.

Greed Mu$ic is the first crypto music label and will be selling collectible music NFT’s of your favorite music artists. Songs and versions of chart toppers that have never before been heard will now be available as collectible music NFTs. When albums are produced there are several different versions of the art submitted, but only one was chosen for the cover and now the additional versions will be available as collectibles as well. You will be able to watch live streams of your favorite recording artists working in the Greed Music studios with NFT VIP access keys, see impromptu performances and major concerts live in the Metaverse. Once the token is launched Greed will announce the start of the contest to find the first recording artist for Greed Mu$ic. Its will be the crypto world version of American Idol where the community will be involved and the whole process will be live streamed and documented to share with the world all the way from the beginning of the submissions to the making of the Artist with Greed Music.

The Ecosystem will also include farms, staking pools, a multichain NFT Marketplace and a major Metaverse build in Decentraland. The Metaverse project will include the additions of NFT wearables, drivables and NFT keys that will give you VIP access to certain areas in $Greed’s virtual world.

Let’s not forget Greed’s pup, $BabyDogeInu is also part of the ecosystem known as the HODL token. Baby Doge Inu is “The Crypto Love Child of DOGE and SHIB.” This is a rewards token giving back 8% reflections of each buy and sell transaction to his holders. Baby Doge Inu currently has a crypto game in beta testing at the Apple and Google Play stores. In the the game the pup is being chased by BNB, BTC and ETH while he collects rewards. To upgrade your character or vehicle you purchase a collectible NFTs and when held in your wallet you can use those upgrades. All the Greed NFT’s are showcased though out the game. When Greed launches he will not only be supporting his pup with crypto utility, but 1% of Greed’s buys and sells will go into buying Baby Doge Inu as well. Not only is Greed’s Pup a game, but it will also be its own metaverse for our holders to be able to build their own businesses or projects and be able to meet up. I have checked your project has got impressive ratings by some top crypto rating websites. How do you take these ratings?

Peter Parente: Everything we are doing is revolutionary in the crypto space and our team is made up of the greatest minds in their individual verticals. Can you introduce the core team members of GREED We hear that the team is highly experienced, can we get some examples?

Peter Parente: Cool & Dre are Grammy award winning producers and song writers who have produced the biggest names in music for over 20 yours with the help of Ted Kay who handles music business development. Colonel Robert Gaylord was a pentagon advisor with specialties that include currency, micro and macro economics and is heading up global strategic initiatives. Dan Cohen aka Leaf, Paul West and Gordon Kirisits are top tier developers that work as a team with different specialties that are the architects and developers behind the greed ecosystem. Vishwas & Shanu are the architects building out the baby Doge Inu game and metaverse within the game. Our team is comprised of the best of the best in their specific areas and when we put it all together we are providing a mind blowing project like no other. Can you give our community a brief introduction behind the inspiration to build GREED ?

Peter Parente:When I started trading crypto and learning more I had been in investment banking and business consulting for over 20 years. I noticed the lack of common sense and business experience throughout the crypto world as well as the lack of transparency. I wanted to build something for the people that was transparent with a solid business infrastructure backing it to create real value and my motivation was to revolutionize the crypto world and blow everyones minds while also educating them on how to become better investors. In the Crypto industry, what do you think of the current state? What do you think that needs to be improved?

Peter Parente: The current state of the crypto world, many the decentralized tokens reminds me of when I was a stock broker during the .com days and everything .com took off because of hype. Then when everyone sat back and looked at these companies and realized most had no true value the whole stock market crashed. I think what needs to improve is that we need to educate investors. Right now I see most alt coin, especially bsc holders as gamblers, not investors. Right now token will run based on hype or a tweet from Elon, but they have no real value. I would like to see investors educate themselves in looking at what the value of a token is rather than gamble on them. How does the GREED team plan to tackle these issues to reach mass adoption?

Peter Parente: The team and I do work with our holders and potential holders providing 24 hour support through our telegram page. I do AMAs and presentations often. I am also about to sign a contract with a financial publisher who will be making me their crypto celebrity and part of the project is to put together educational videos for investors. What is your timeline, and what can we look forward to from GREED ?

Peter Parente: We are looking to launch our multi chain swap in abut a week, our farm and staking in about 2 weeks and our nft marketplace in about 6 weeks. Anything else do you want to share with our community?

Peter Parente: We are all go and about to release a bunch of tech and announce our first GREED MUSIC single which has some of the most historic names in music on it! You need to follow our Telegram and social media to stay up to date because we have so much amazing stuff going on. you, Peter Parente , for taking the time to do this AMA with us today. It has been great learning more about GERRD and the team behind it!

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