XT.com Partners With Alpha Capital For Innovative Investment Projects

2 min readMay 25, 2022
  • XT.com has partnered with Alpha Capital for innovative investment projects.
  • This partnership represents mutually beneficial cooperation aimed to push XT.com ahead.
  • XT.com will list investment projects provided by Alpha Capital.

In the spirit of celebration, we are pleased to disclose that XT.com has entered a mutual partnership with Alpha Capital. Under this collaboration, XT.com will work hand-in-hand with Alpha Capital to bring out the most innovative advancements and assist in identifying the best projects suitable for investment. Alpha Capital will operate as a standalone company, to bring fresh ideas for XT.com and the partnership.

As an investment fund based in Turkey with consulting, research and development functions to support startup projects, Alpha Capital connects the project and investors, managing digital assets to investors to find quality projects in the technology investment market.

XT.com will continue to serve as the socialized infused digital asset trading platform to list and onboard only the best projects for investment. The mastermind behind this is to provide a wide range of digitized services to serve users better, hence revitalizing its overall market niche.

Currently, XT.com and Alpha Capital are laying the groundwork for market-wide developmental advances by prioritizing the needs of users. Apart from Alpha Capital, XT.com has consistently extended its doors to any company interested in partnering since the beginning of Q1 in 2022, and XT.com is continuously embracing more other companies for partnership. This portrays that XT.com has geared to make this year an innovative season now and beyond.

We strongly advise and encourage everyone to sign up on XT.com right now to take advantage of the full services throughout the partnership.