Dinner Date and Dessert!

As parents, a date night became a very cherished and necessary night out for us. But, as our date nights seemed to be heading towards a routine rut, dinner, drinks a little conversation and back home, I decided that it was time to change it up a bit. Dinner at the lake? Yes, I think so.

As we were getting ready to go, I told my wife the plan so that she could dress accordingly. And she loved the idea and immediately started getting ready.

Since it only took me like 5 minutes to get ready, I went and started loading a few essential items in the car. Alcoholic beverages, chairs, drinks…. yep, that should be good. As I finished loading this into the back of our Yukon, our sitter arrived and we went inside.

Just as we walked in, my wife was coming out of the room and ready to go. She grabbed her bag and out the door we went! There was an renewed excitement about date night with the change in “routine” and we could not get gone fast enough!

We headed to pick-up our Chinese take out from Panda Express and then, straight to the lake! I already knew the spot I wanted to go and hoped that no one would be there. (I was planning different ways to chase them off if some one was there. LOL! no, I seriously was!)

As we approach the spot I had in mind, I see, to my relief, no one! My wife takes note of the area and how secluded it is, as I turn the vehicle and back out onto a little point that goes about 20 feet out into the water. “Perfect, we can open the back and listen to the music while we eat and relax.” I said as I start to unload the chairs and grab us a drink.

As we get settled in our chairs at the edge of the lake, the sun is getting lower, but still plenty of daylight and the light breeze blowing off the lake feels wonderful on this warm evening.

Just as my wife is about to sit in her chair, she turns her back to me and says something about picking something up and proceeds to bend over towards the ground. I have no idea what she said she was picking up and I do not even know if there was anything there TO pick up. She had certainly dressed for the occasion though! She had chosen a short denim mini skirt and a tight fitting, red spaghetti strap tank top and a bra. Of which, the bra was removed as soon as we left the house!

Now, as she bent over to pick up whatever it was, she was standing just a couple feet in front of be and I quickly realized why she chose my favorite mini skirt. Just as I look up to admire her beautiful butt as she bends down, I am thrilled and excited to see the lack of underwear and nothing but beautiful but and her wonderfully tasty looking pussy fully exposed right in front of me!

Immediately, I got an erection that was pushing firmly against my pants as if he wanted to jump straight out and into her!

As I tell her how beautiful the scenery is, she looks back at me, still bent over, slightly shaking her butt, with the breeze barely blowing her hair around her face and grins as she agrees with me and says, “I brought dessert.” And just as I reach out and began running my hands up her legs, over her beautiful cheeks and towards her soft pussy, she stands up and says “Ah Ah, dinner first.”

We eat a few bites of our dinner and put it away. As we sit and enjoy our drinks, she reaches down and starts running her hand up her inner thigh. Then, lifts her right knee, which pushes her skirt up and allows her hand free access to her pussy.

She begins to gently stroke her pussy as my erection comes back and is getting more aggressive about being released. As I unbutton my pants and pull them down just enough to allow my rock hard penis to emerge, my wife produces her “Big Block” silver bullet vibe, (We call it big block because it has some serious power!) turns it on low and starts to gently run it up her thighs and lands it on her clit with a soft “ahhhh”.

The breeze blowing off the water and against our exposed sensitive areas feels so good and really adds to the arousal. Plus, sitting out in the open with a chance that some one could pull up at anytime, or emerge from the lakeside trails truly heightened the thrill!

She is now rubbing her big block (b.b.) on her clit as she pulls gently up on the skin just above her vagina, exposing her hardening clit fully! Just as she slides down in her chair, she clicks the b.b to medium speed and with another, firmer “Ahhhh” she slides down enough that her pussy is fully exposed at the edge of her chair and her legs spread wide. “Are you watching?” she asks. “Oh yeah!” I said as I was most definitely watching and began to stroke my erection. “For people silly!” she laughs! “Oh yeah, no one is here.” I said, without really looking away from her, but I had not heard any one!

She then reaches down beside her and pulls out her blue rabbit vibe

and puts it to her mouth just enough to moisten the tip of it with her tongue and saliva and then puts it between her legs to join her b.b.

She teases the the outside of her pussy with her blue vibe, slowly running it up and down along her lips while holding her b.b. firmly on her clit. Her pussy is getting wetter and wetter and I can here her wetness as she slides her vibe up and down her lips and in between her lips. Then she gently slides the head inside of her wet pussy, pulls it back out, slides it in even further, pulls it back out and I can see her juices glistening on the rabbit from her pussy that is now very wet and beginning to swell. Just then, she reaches over and turns her b.b. on high, drops her head back against the chairs with her eyes closed and slides her rabbit vibe all the way inside of herself and lets out a “OHHHHH, YES!”

She holds the rabbit there for just a second as she turns on it’s vibration and and sets it straight to the high setting and pulls it back. Just before sliding it back in, she gives it a twist and the rabbit ears are now pointing down and she slides it in and shudders as the rabbit hits her anus with a tickle.

Now, she is stroking it in and out of her pussy, harder and faster as her b.b. has her clit fully aroused, her pussy is now dripping juice from being so wet and turned on. As I am now firmly stroking myself, I reach over, pull her shirt up and begin to massage her breasts and play with her stiff nipples!

“OHH YES, OHH YES, OHHHH YEASS!!!” She lets out loudly as she makes herself cum and her pussy squirts its wonderful juice on to the ground below and on her leg! Just as the squirting seems to slow, she slid her rabbit back inside herself, firmly all the way in and strokes it a couple of times and pulls it back out just as her pussy squirts another shower of it wonderful juice, this time, even more and the ground under her is now wet and her leg has cum running down it as it glistens in the sun!! “OHHH CRAP!! I AM CUMMING AGAIN!!” she yells as she looks over at me and sees me stroking myself, barely keeping my orgasm under control as seeing her orgasm that hard almost sets mine off!

Just then, she drops her rabbit beside her, clutches her chair, her toes curl as she arch’s her back and with a loud “OHHHH CRAP!!!” she cums harder than before! She squirts a little more and then a nice stream of thicker cum streams out of her pussy, runs down over her anus and onto her already wet chair!!! Her entire body shudders, her legs are shaking she is arching so much that her chairs is only on the 2 back legs. “HA, HA, HA!!” she lets out, as she struggles to release the air from her lungs as her entire body was tight!

Then, with a couple of uncontrollable thrusts of her pelvis from a couple of “aftershocks”, her soaking wet, swollen and red hot pussy lets out one last squirt of cum as her body goes limp and she completely dissolves in to her chair………

Whew! We need a breather! We have not even gotten to dessert yet! I will write that in another segment, but, I will tell you, it involves a helicopter! Seriously!

Thank you for your time and I look forward to enter-turning you on again soon!