Prysmatic Labs Wins Prestigious Ethereum Scalability Grant

Prysmatic Labs, a project we are huge supporters and fans of, was awarded a $100,000 scalability grant for sharding implementation as part of the inaugural class of Ethereum Foundation beneficiaries. The Ethereum project seeks to support useful DApps and smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain with the goal to empower developers with best-in-class R&D, developer experience, and education.

Prysmatic Labs focuses on building out the first Sharding implementation for the Ethereum geth client called geth-sharding (which powers 60% of Ethereum’s network). This project will be critical to the future of Ethereum’s success, which is currently limited by its network scalability.

Raul Jordan leads the Prysmatic Labs project and is originally from San Pedro Sula, Honduras. He is only the third person from Honduras in history to attend Harvard University where he studied Computer Science. Until he quit! Raul received a prestigious Thiel Fellowship in 2016 after starting a company called Kynplex and the rest is…a long public ledger. Now he helps build the decentralized web, contributing to a future where blockchain technology radically transforms our daily lives.

Congratulations, Raul, and cheers to helping us build a future scaling Ethereum and helping us with crypto-location!