X-PARALLEL SPACE : One -stop Financial Services for DeFi

DeFi , more and more people have tried to explore innovative DeFi applications, hoping to replace inefficient traditional financial products with decentralized protocols. Buterin once asserted that “the financial industry is likely to be the first industry to be subverted by the blockchain” . In the past two years, the encryption industry and DeFi have ushered in explosive growth. At present , the TVL of the entire DeFi sector is about 210.3 billion US dollars, nearly two The annual increase is as high as about 350 times, and the market value of the entire cryptocurrency has reached a volume of about 1.9 trillion US dollars. However, compared with traditional finance, the global stock market alone is as high as nearly one trillion US dollars, and the entire DeFi still has a large amount of money. Expansion capacity.

further development of the entire crypto industry and DeFi , more types of mature financial products will emerge in DeFi in the future , including venture capital, options futures trading, synthetic asset trading, index products, and more . The Defi protocol has also been segmented. For example, A ave, which provides loans, has a huge market volume. However, at present, the product functions are single, and users need to pledge a sufficient amount of mainstream assets to complete the loan business of various asset classes. The process is also cumbersome and complicated.

Based on this market demand and pain point, the X-PARALLEL SPACE protocol has launched a full range of digital asset ecological services, allowing users to enjoy the services of multiple financial products on the same platform.

Create a one-stop financial service for DeFi

The X-PARALLEL SPACE protocol is committed to providing diversified financial products and services on the same platform, such as pledge services, leveraged lending services , and ecological sectors: NFT and chain games . The sector that has been opened is pledge mining, which will be launched in the near future. Leverage and Gamefi , to provide users with a variety of gameplay and excess returns.

Similar to other co-production asset projects, the X-PARALLEL SPACE protocol uses an over-collateralization model and uses various asset tokens such as BTC, ETH, etc. as collateral to mint the USD-based stablecoin XPS USDT , which is convenient for users to trade assets.

Like Synthetix , the X-PARALLEL SPACE protocol adopts a local debt model. In the original aave model, all collateral holders share a collateral pool. This model not only requires a large amount of collateral assets for the platform. To maintain business, it also increases the risk of asset liquidation. X-PARALLEL SPACE adopts an independent lending pool, which solves the problem of a single fund pool commonly existing in DeFi lending and improves the liquidity and depth of the fund pool. In addition to the fund pool model, the features of the X-PARALLEL SPACE protocol include: transaction mode, liquidation mechanism, and one-click compound interest model .

transaction mode

One of the most important innovations of DEX is the introduction of the AMM (Automated Market Maker) model, which improves the liquidity of funds and lowers the trading threshold for ordinary users. As of April 20, the 7-day trading volume of the Uniswap platform has reached nearly 13.6 billion US dollars, while bringing convenience to users, it also brings problems such as single- folding attacks , causing certain losses to users.

Clamping orders is what we often call the problem of robot preemption. Before users buy, they will preemptively trade and then sell them to users at a higher price. This is a common arbitrage model, which is very common in defi protocols.

over-lending platform of the X-PARALLEL SPACE protocol will draw on the model of algorithmic stable currency and exchange USDT with the U minted by the platform to limit robot arbitrage and protect the interests of platform users.


X-PARALLEL SPACE is a decentralized lending and aggregated mining platform operating on Binance Smart Chain BSC. Relying on the high-efficiency and low-cost features of the BSC chain, it supports mortgage lending and leveraged mining of mainstream currencies on the chain through smart contracts. mines, and realize the mutual accommodation and value transfer of ecological assets. X-PARALLEL SPACE has three main functions:

Multi-currency lending, leveraged mining, liquidity mining, XPS ecological sector NFT and chain games are under development.

Advantages of X-PARALLEL SPACE

DeFi protocol that integrates lending, leverage, and liquidity

In the past, users could mortgage and borrow on Aave , provide liquidity on Unisawp , and leverage mining on Alpha. Cross-platform operation will directly increase user costs, affect users’ investment efficiency, and increase systemic risks. X-PARALLEL SPACE perfectly integrates the core three parts: lending, mining and leverage. Xps users store encrypted assets. Enter the lending pool and receive interest income while providing the underlying asset support for the lending pool and leveraged mining pool. Generally, borrowers mortgage assets and lend the required currency. The borrower needs to pay interest, and mining will produce income. , after covering the interest, there will be a surplus profit.

Leveraged mining is to obtain the right to over-borrow by staking assets. X-PARALLEL SPACE leveraged mining will magnify the leverage multiple of the principal, which can provide up to 10X . The leveraged mining will provide the platform with huge liquidity, and the platform’s transaction depth will also increase , so that the value of the entire ecosystem complements each other.

secure protocol

X-PARALLEL SPACE is committed to building the most secure DeFi lending platform, and escorts users’ encrypted assets by building a security engine, regular code audits, and launching a bug bounty program in the entire crypto developer community. It is worth mentioning that X-PARALLEL SPACE has passed the US Certik code audit. As a team with many years of front-line cybersecurity offensive and defensive combat, Certik has conducted more than 700 audits and protected more than $30 billion in assets from losses.


In summary, I believe that everyone has a further understanding of X-PARALLEL SPACE . In the future , X-PARALLEL SPACE will continue to optimize product functions, open DAO autonomy, NFT transactions, GameFi chain games and other ecological gameplay to improve user income levels. X-PARALLEL SPACE , a DeFi project with great potential, is an excellent track worthy of long-term attention.




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