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An examination of how colonial discourse has shaped popular literature in North America.

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Fantasy vs Magical Realism

How the unnecessary separation of student and employee status can destroy graduate students’ lives.

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Avoiding voyeurism in the well-intended quest for diversity can be challenging.

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Despite the 91st Academy Awards’ celebration of Black Hollywood, something is still amiss.

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Ready to get off the merry-go-round yet?

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Our society’s hostility towards artistic labour must stop.

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Five grueling lessons writing has taught me.

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1. Your ego has more mood swings than you do.

Despite their deep intimacy, emotional affairs can be some of the most toxic, fragile relationships you’ll ever have.

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Navigating complicated feelings after being ghosted by someone you care for.

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A guide to navigating the logical fallacies of your pettiest opponents.

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Grumpy, chronically ill, lots of thoughts.

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