Great article, I read it prior to purchasing my latest pair of headphones.
MrWTH 74

Thanks for reading, and for the thoughtful and detailed reply, I appreciate it!

I agree with you about comfort. As someone with a big head and glasses, it’s my number one concern, too. Bose makes some of the most comfortable headphones in the world, and I think Sony is no slouch particularly with their MDR-1A. It’s the only non-Bose headphone I’ve put on my head and immediately held in the same high market-leading esteem.

The 1000X is definitely not going to be for everyone in the comfort department. It achieves many of its gains in ANC through pad design and clamping force. I think I just got lucky when it worked decently for my head, and hopefully my notes about comfort reflect that. The Bose is going to fit more people more comfortably, and I think that might be the reason for the wildly varying opinions about which one has better isolation.

Thanks again for reading and for taking some time to write a comment!