FYI, a lot of people don’t realize that in addition to the Sony Gold and Platinum headset Sony also…
Ray DeFrances

You make an excellent point! The Silver headset came and went so quickly from the public sphere/most retail locations that I almost forgot it was a thing.

I actually bought one not long after they launched…and I totally agree with you that the included headset is bad. It’s scratchy, clampy, and uncomfortable. Like you, I was after the included dongle so that I could use other headphones with Sony’s surround software…but I found the headset so disappointing that I actually returned the whole kit.

I’ve barely thought about it since then! And thus I omitted it from this article. While buying this package just for the dongle is still not as value-centric as Microsoft including spatial audio in their operating systems for free…it’s better than nothing I guess!

Thanks for reading, and for reminding me about the dongle…and I’ll try to forget the experience of wearing that headset before I go to sleep. :)

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