Hello Microsoft!

Image credit Ashley McNamara Gopher Repo

Well, like so many others recently; I’m making the jump over to Microsoft. Starting January 22nd, I’ll be a Site Reliability Engineer for Azure. It’s definitely been a fun (if not slightly chaotic) six months at Starbucks, but I’m super excited for what’s next! For someone like myself who went to a smaller school in the midwest, I never thought I’d find myself at a company like Microsoft, doing exactly what I want to do (helping build the future of cloud computing!). I’m so excited and honored to be given the opportunity.

The other thing that I’m pretty psyched about is that Microsoft is almost unrecognizable compared to the company it appeared to be a few years ago, and I definitely mean that in a very good way. To see them embracing things like Linux, Kubernetes, and building out tools like the WSL is just so awesome. I never really thought I’d be back on Windows as my primary OS, yet here I am (and I’m loving it!).

One last point that I want to bring up — Over the past several months I’ve seen some really amazing people that I admire the hell out of start at this company. People like Bridget Kromhout, Ashley McNamara, Jessie Frazelle, Erik St. Martin, Brian Ketelsen, and SO MANY more. I’ve also met some really great people currently working there that are doing some really cool stuff (shout-out to Maggie Pint and Matt Johnson!). I’m off the charts honored to be working even near these people.

I start on Monday, and if you couldn’t tell from the tone of this post, I’m a little excited about it. I’ll be sure to write more once I’ve started!