New Year (New Team!)

Image courtesy of Ashley McNamara’s Gopher repo

I’m so so excited to finally be able to share that, as of now I’m officially part of a brand new SRE team formed to support Azure Kubernetes Service! I’ll still stay within the same Azure SRE org that I’ve been with my whole time at Microsoft, but now I get to work on the team that I’ve been wanting to work on for the last year(!).

This news comes at a particularly exciting time (right after attending KubeCon for me!). There’s a lot of movement in the Kubernetes space right now, with everything from advancing service meshes to super awesome developer tooling being developed on top of it. I can’t wait to be a part of making Kubernetes as awesome as possible for people who use Azure.

I’ve definitely enjoyed my time working with Azure IoT (and I highly recommend checking out their products for all of your connected device needs!), but for now it’s on to new things!