Feeling Distracted? That’s Your Cue to Create a Habit

This morning I meditated using my buddy Dhaval Chadha’s new app Sphere. At times it was blissful, but I struggled to fully immerse myself into the practice. The reason: I feared I would forget the random tasks that inevitably blink into my conscious during any moment that lacks overwhelming stimulation.

An inability to fully immerse is an efficiency killer that greatly diminishes an individuals potential to do thoughtful, deep work. My difficulties during meditation reminded me of the broader issues I’ve had with concentration in the past, and the simple habit I now use to solve it.

To alleviate the focus-killing problem of keeping things “in the back of my mind” I started carrying a small pocket notebook on me. As new tasks arise, I quickly jot them down in my notebook and continue with my work. At the end of the day, I review the notebook and add whatever is pertinent to my calendar / to-do list.

There’s nothing ingenious about my notebook habit, and that’s kind of the point. It’s easy to apply and has substantially positively impacted the way I’m able to carry out my work.

If you’re feeling an inability to concentrate on the tasks at hand, try adopting a habit that you trust will allow you to revisit all those little interruptions.

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