11 trips you can make if you are looking for complete disconnection

The decision about where to go on holidays or to relax this year is around the corner for many employees. And one of the fastest growing trends is trips with absolutely no Internet access.

We already talked about the origin and the possibilities of the so-called digital detox, but we still need to tell you which ones we believe are the most adequate plans and destinations for those looking for complete disconnection.

1. A day without technology with alternative plans

At the Four Seasons Resort Costa Rica they can organize you a plan to get complete disconnection for at least one day. Once you hand over your smartphone at the reception you get a list with 24 activities to do at the resort that will make you forget technology. Dancing, board games with other guests, sport… nothing you can’t do by yourself even with the smartphone, but the difference here is that your companions also left their phone at the desk for 24 hours.

More info | Four Seasons Resort Costa Rica.

2. Analogical Dublin

The hotel Westin Dublin has been one of the very first to help travelers who want to unplug. The schedule begins with a lot of relaxing activities, from breakfast in the bedroom up to more comfortable and bigger beds or even massages. And all of this includes a series of elements where analog is the key: board games, books, maps, and paper information to enjoy the city without consulting anything online.

If the user wants to unplug completely, they also offer at the check in a safe place to leave our gadgets.

Más información | Westin Dublin.

3. Palm Island Resort in the Caribbean

If the spectacular beaches with banners encouraging you to chill out or the relaxing atmosphere where time doesn’t seem to go by aren’t reasons enough for you to relax, this Caribbean tourist resort offers zones and stays where there are no televisions or phones, and also no Internet access in the rooms.

More information | PalmIsland.

4. Digital Detox Pack at Vincci Hoteles

Among the many hotels the Vincci chain has around the globe, there are two in Spain where you can get their Digital Detox Pack. Both share the feature of being five stars establishments or big luxury, also placed in Spanish locations where chilling out is alluring: Tenerife and Marbella.

In both resorts (Estrella del Mar in Marbella and Buenavista Golf&Spa in Tenerife) the package includes sport, relaxing, beauty and gastronomic activities, with the addition of an “invitation” for the guests booking this package to leave all their devices at the check-in, including the cell phone.

More information | Vincci.

5. Beach with admission rights

Waterproof smartphones and 3G services make it hard not to check what’s going on online even at the beach. That’s why in some of the beaches part of the Grand Cayman Marriott Beach Resort the right to refuse admission is reserved.

At their private beaches, there are areas where electronic devices aren’t allowed. Towel, hammock, a waiter at our service and budget, of course. With these conditions, no one would mind leaving the smartphone back in the room.

More information | Grand Cayman Marriott Beach Resort

6. Real detox in a Swiss clinic

Lonhea is a Swiss clinic that offers one or two weeks programs with packages against stress based on outdoor activities, yoga, medical or weight loss treatments, but with something in common: there is no network in the individual rooms and smartphones aren’t allowed in the common areas. There are only some scheduled hours to check the phone.

More information | Lonhea.

7. Unplug night in Chicago

Even a city, Chicago, where the word disconnect doesn’t seem to fit has a hotel with a program to achieve it. Hotel Monaco has the option to keep your gadgets in a safe place so that your plans can’t be altered because of the temptation and ease to go online. That option is called Black-out and you have to ask for it at the check-in.

More information | Hotel Monaco.

8. 34.000 km without being able to use the phone

It doesn’t get cheaper. In the so-called National Radio Quiet Zone with 34.000 square kilometers, you won’t be able to use your phone or any other radio signal because it’s actually forbidden. There is also no network available. This is because it’s a protected area between two big communication centers, Green Bank and Sugar Grove, used for military intelligence and national security.

Any other activity is indeed allowed, so you can get to know Maryland and Virginia areas with complete calm.

9. Family united at unplugging

If we want to disconnect with the family, which is not a bad idea, Renaissance Pittsburgh has a Family Digital Detox program that requires all family’s electronic devices to be surrendered upon check-in. In addition, televisions, Internet access, and computers are removed from the rooms and are replaced by board games or cards.

More information | Renaissance Pittsburgh.

10. Ultima Thule Lodge

Situated at Alaska’s end, this facility offers a unique experience with nature as it’s impossible to escape from it. You can only get there with a charter flight and disconnection is guaranteed as there is no phone line and the network is basic and too slow anyway. Even electricity is produced independently.

More information | Ultima Thule Lodge.

11. Death Valley

If we haven’t convinced you to unplug with any of the destinations mentioned above, you get a last chance. Driving through Death Valleyis not only a one-of-a-kind experience because of its geology and conditions (about 140 miles long and one of the hottest areas in America), but also an area without any kind of service or network in many of its stretches.

Imagen | Moyan Brenn.

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