Hello, my name is…

This post has been published here originally in French on April 22, 2012.

Hello everybody! I am very happy but feel under a bit of pressure writing this first post on my personal blog. Why create a blog named after me, isn’t that pretentious you ask? I have not found a more original name and I assure you that I will completely unpretentiously write regular posts here about my life as an entrepreneur.

I started my company a year and a half ago, fresh out of business school and ready to conquer the world. The plan was simple and straightforward: revolutionise the search for restaurants on the internet in France by allowing web users to peruse menus online. Great, don’t you think? Except things didn’t go exactly as I’d predicted and the world conquest proved to be a bit more complicated than it looked on paper. Good business plans written very properly all proved to be wrong and unrealistic later. In short, it was necessary to challenge things and assume that my (great) optimistic idea alone would not allow me to retire aged 25.

A year and a half later, we are still here despite the trials and tribulations. We have learned to reinvent our business, or pivot (as they say in business jargon). Even now we are working on the most ambitious project since the beginning of our adventure, but I will talk to you about that in more detail in a later post. When I say “we”, I mean the incredible team without whom nothing would be possible: my associates Julien and Thomas as well as Camille and Matthieu.

I will try to share my adventure here as honestly as possible (yes, entrepreneurs sometimes have difficulty seeing things as they really are). I will also share the many mistakes made each day so that if a Padawan entrepreneur ever pays us a visit in a few years, he finds enough material to avoid certain … although, maybe the only way to learn is to make mistakes for yourself.

A year and a half ago, I had never before had a job interview, completed a VAT declaration, managed a team or had so many other new experiences which have filled long days and nights in recent months. I set out on this entrepreneurial journey with the aim of reaching my destination of success as quickly as possible and I now realise that, on this journey, the destination is less important than the richness of the path which leads to it …

It is from this fascinating path that I will speak to you on this blog from time to time.

See you soon. X.

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