Verification scripts basically composed of idea to run a smoke test against any Hadoop component using shell script. HCV is a set of artifacts developed to verify successful implementation of any Hadoop Component. HCV provides feedback of successfully component installation/upgrade and can be unitized during New Cluster deployment, Cluster Upgrade and in case applying major or minor patch to existing Hadoop cluster. This process helps reduce risk before delivering/handover cluster to client/users and surface problems early. The goal is to completely verify system capability to meet all requirements prior to production/operation/development stages.

How it works?

1. Copy bundled scripts to one of Hadoop cluster node and unzip it.

2. Modify config.txt for required parameters to test. By default its Null means no components test.

3. Change permission to executable to all shell scripts.

4. Run verification_script.sh.

5. Check output in summary output in output.txt and details output in out.txt.

How to use?

1. Hadoop verification scripts can run directly on any node where hadoop components are isntalled.

2. Check config.txt file for required componets to be tested.

3. Once permissions i.e. “chmod 777 *.sh” set run “./verification_script.sh 2> out.txt”

4. Verify summary result of verification scripts in output.txt.

5. Verify detail output in case of any error in out.txt.


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