Spoken Word Collection #3. Just In Case.

By: Xavier Echon

Just in case you start to feel like we are growing up too fast,

On those days where you wish you could paper airplane us back to a time that was a lot more simple and even more reckless,

Just in case,

I want to remind you,

That a piece of me will always be a mix of Matinee movie tickets, Bart passes, missed curfews, cheap ramen, Photobooth pictures, matching bracelets, and montha-versary letters. And whatever product of my will I become, I’ll always just be this boy who really liked this girl, and thought that was all he would ever need.

Just in case life takes me half the world away,

I will bottle up a sound byte of your laugh to take with me. Let the vibrations replay in my head whenever I opened it so I always remember why I chased my dreams. And I will send you a picture of every coffee shop I go to just so I wouldn’t have to spend a morning without you.

Just in case you start to feel ugly,

When it seems like everyone is just a floodlight exposing your insecurities, I will remind you that I’ve never met another person who has the audacity to be beautiful even if the world around her says she isn’t.

Just in case,

I will say your smile could bring the world to its knees. Do not forget this. You are violin and every step you take is a musical masterpiece.

And just in case you haven’t laughed today,

Did you know after a tough day at work, the dog said “man today was ruff.”

Just in case the phrase “I love you” becomes too overused,

I will super glue different words together to remind you how I feel,

Just in case,

I will change “I love you” for you. To: “I ordered us dinner” “Take one of my sweatshirts with you” or maybe “I know this is random but I really miss you.”

To: “You really brighten up the room” “I made you soup because you haven’t eaten since noon” “Yeah I’ll watch your shows with you too” “ Don’t worry I’ll drive you to whatever you have to do” and even “I got you this record because it reminded me of you.”

Just in case we get too busy,

Just in case life gets in the way,

Just in case things get difficult,

Just in case you really need me to say the right thing this time,

I would say that every second I invested into you has been worth it. And if the only thing it cost to be around you is a lifetime of seconds, I’d call that a steal.

Just in case,

I’ll keep a copy of this behind the frame of your favorite picture of us, and when you ask why I kept it there all these years I’ll look you in the eyes and say that sometimes seeing what I say can mean just as much as hearing it.

And after you breathe all the good things about us back in,

I’d hide this again,

Just in case.