Everything You Need To Know When Talking To Your Manager About DevOps

Switching your processes to Continuous Delivery and DevOps can be a difficult transition for some organizations. Managers need to understand why such a massive process and cultural change is necessary to keep up with our ever-changing landscape. Agile workflows and lean business practices aren’t enough to keep large enterprises on the cusp of innovation and scalable at the same time. Identifying the opportunities to improve your release process and estimate the value of these improvements are key to your success when making the transition to a Continuous Delivery process.

Join Kurt Bittner, Principal Analyst at Forrester and Andrew Phillips, VP of Product Management at XebiaLabs, Tuesday, October 6th at 1:00 PM EST for a Live Webinar that will help you understand how to create a successful business case for Continuous Delivery, the potential return on investment, how to measure the benefits and how to track these benefits over time. The webinar will highlight:

  • How to identify opportunities for improvement in your value delivery stream
  • How to estimate the value of these improvements that reduce cycle time by removing bottlenecks and barriers to delivery
  • How Continuous Delivery can reduce the cost of compliance and the cost associated with security risks.
  • How to estimate the value Continuous Delivery creates by growing or accelerating revenues
  • Examples of the benefits organizations have achieved through Continuous Delivery

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