Hello! My art developments!

Hi everybody! I’m gonna show you how my art has changed since I got to use this Computer!

This was how I drew my art a few months ago! I usually stick to drawing characters, just to let you know. Here are more examples:

I really like anime, so I base my art off the kawaii style. I really like the art styles of Sch Ribbit (Web Series Creator on Youtube, DeviantArt, Tumblr, etc.)

At the start of February, I was in an English class. I knew everything so I just started scribbling some silly things. At one point I made my usual eye style.I decided to make some lines connecting to my eyes. It was meant to be random but I thought ‘hey this looks cool’, so when I got home I started making more of this art style and I came out with this:

I thought it looked better like this so I kept continuing! Here are my artworks so far!

Thanks! That’s all for now!

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