National Security Protests

We need to have a widespread movement on behalf of national security in order to stop Trump as soon as possible.

Nearly everyone wants the country to be safe. There is an immediate need to improve national security, because every weakened alliance or invigorated terrorist recruitment campaign can have repercussions in the future. We the people should start protesting, calling our representatives, and demanding that the Trump administration’s self-destructive behavior be put to an end through congressional oversight and accountability, up to and including impeachment.

In his few days in Office, Trump has hurt our national security in multiple ways. He has

  1. Hastily published the “Muslim Ban” executive order. Security experts across the spectrum have pointed out how much this harmed America. It discourages residents of Muslim countries from working as translators or otherwise helping the American military and intelligence agencies, because they will be abandoned rather than welcomed in to our country. It serves as a recruiting aid for terrorist organizations, who have proof that Trump actually wants a Muslim ban. It alienates diplomats and intelligence agencies in foreign countries who perceive it, correctly, as a massive insult. It motivates domestic lone wolf terrorists. For all that, it does little to stop actual terrorists, since many come from countries where Trump has business interests and hence are not included in the ban. There is already extreme vetting for refugees, Trump has offered no substantive improvements to the vetting process.
  2. Flynn. At best, Donald Trump has shown that he is incapable of hiring or managing competent staff when it comes to his own National Security Advisor. At worst, Flynn is another sign that the Trump administration has been compromised by Russia.
  3. Discussing the North Korean missile launch in a packed dining room at Mar A Lago. Even if there were no immediate ill effects of this one case, it shows an absolute disregard for basic operational security. He should have been in a private room, not out in public where his paying guests could take pictures of the nuclear football while he and the Japanese PM conferred with their security advisers.
  4. This last one is more of a stretch, but potentially the most important. Trump has been accepting bribes from foreigners and foreign governments. Granted we do not have hard evidence of quid pro quos, but it is almost certainly part of why he has kept his tax returns secret. Furthermore, even without a smoking gun, there are many Trump branded properties around the world that he still owns, and allowing his children to manage them for four years does little to reduce the conflict of interest. The emoluments clause was added to the Constitution because the founders knew the corrosive effects of splitting a President’s personal monetary interests from the national interest. Trump took offense when a retailer discontinued his daughter’s jewelry and clothes lines, imagine how he would react to a foreign country (for good reason or for ill) harming his properties.

— — —

This is a non-partisan claim, appealing to everyone from night-watchman minarchists to anyone on the traditional left-right spectrum. This is a popular but not a populist claim, because the experts and the people agree on keeping America safe. We need to organize Americans around the idea and substantive process, including oversight and transparency, of keeping the country safe from Trump’s incompetence and/or malevolence.