The case for bringing back Reforging in Destiny and making sure it doesn’t break the game.

Reforging used to be a thing in Destiny as we all know, and again, as we all know it was removed because it essentially broke the game, or largely made RNG drops irrelevant as once a player received their goal weapon, they took it to Banshee for reforging and re-rolled it to perfection. There is a better way though, a way to make it effective again without leading to the previous state of “god rolls for everyone”

The Division got it right.

Please, continue reading, don’t mentally switch off because I used such a nasty word. The recalibration station is the right way to finish off a piece of gear, you can only choose one talent/perk to re-roll and that’s from an RNG list of available talents for that node. I propose a similar, but different method which will fit into the Destiny universe.


  1. Go to Banshee for reforging (new UI elements but maintains look/feel).
  2. Reforging costs weapon parts or armour materials, and a glass needle.
  3. Reforging can only be done on a single perk bubble.
  4. Reforging locks out all other perk bubbles once completed the first time.
  5. Reforging is RNG and does not produce a list of perks to choose from, instead it simply changes that perk to a new one, similar to how chroma is discarded/re-rolled.
  6. Consecutive re-rolls will cost glimmer as well as the other materials in an increasing scale (at some point the player will need encouragement to stop)


A new UI screen will need to be introduced, which is quite simply the Weapon or Armour view as it presently exists, however when you hover over a perk bubble it will produce a tool tip which includes the information on what that perk has the potential to be reforged into, and the cost. Reforging won’t bring up a list of possibilities to choose from (like The Division), it will simply randomly re-roll that bubble to one of the possible talents listed in the tip window, if you’re not happy, reforge again (and again). Pressing the appropriate button will complete the reforging process on that bubble and at the same time greys out and puts a red X across all the other perk bubbles preventing them from the possibility of reforging.

It should go without saying that exotics and some items like swords can’t be reforged, armour can be re-rolled using the present glass needle system so that mechanic can remain largely unchanged, unless the decision is made to bring exotic armour reforging to Banshee as well and intrinsic perks are automatically locked out right from the start.

I’m not an artist …

Here we have a mock up on the screen you might see when reforging. When you hover over a node, the available options will be displayed in the tip window, when you use the appropriate button to complete the reforging all other nodes become locked out, as below. Clearly only the possible talents available in that specific node will be listed (I may have got this wrong in my mock up), so combinations not possible with RNG drops cannot be reforge possibilities.

At this point, you can reforge the weapon again, but it will now cost glimmer as well as the materials, and each subsequent reforge would increase the glimmer cost (material cost remains the same).

What’s the point? Reforging broke the game.

Reforging broke the game because the entire talent tree was reforged and the cost wasn’t scalar with subsequent reforging attempts, so all it took was effort from the player to grind materials/currency and then re-roll continuously until perfect. With this new reforge system, a player can bring a “good” weapon to the reforge table, and make it a “better” weapon, and to achieve a perfect weapon will still require a considerable amount of RNG luck to get 90% of the way there to finish at the reforge table.

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